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QuickStart Assessments

Can you answer YES to any of these questions:

  • Do you feel your organization's transition to new technology and platform is too slow?

  • Are you searching for ways to implement a seamless organizational challenge?

  • Still looking for the elusive ROI on your staff and technology initiatives from last quarter?

These are just a few of the challenges facing organizations today. However, they don't always have to slow growth.

Save Time & Money with QuickStart Assessments

QuickStart Assessments analyze your organization's project or technology implmentation readiness through an array of reporting and tracking options. We will work with you to turn project skills readiness data into meaningful results that will allow you to effectively and efficiently:

  • Maximize the returns on your technology investments

  • Deploy and maintain new technologies

  • Apply training where and when needed to ready your staff

  • Rationalize individuals and project staffing

  • Improve organizational productivity

  • Stay competitive with better-trained staff

In addition, the assessments provide answers to important questions confronting management:

  • What are my employees' technical competencies?

  • In what skill areas do we need to improve?

  • What are our team, group, and corporate capabilities?

  • How can we most efficiently strengthen our areas of weakness?

Create Targeted Learning Plans
The outcome of the assessments will lead to the development of tailored learning plans designed to reduce the time and expense required to skill and prepare key individuals, project teams, or entire departments.

Contact us today to see how QuickStart Assessments can help you.