Writing Queries Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Transact-SQL (MS-2778)

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not sure, the class was good overall.
- Anonymous
Take more time. He did a fantastic job give the time we allotted.
- Anonymous
The instructor moved at an excellent pace (I often find these courses to move too quickly to follow). The examples he gave were pertinent and clear. He was extrememly forthcoming with answers to our questions, regardless how complex or mundane they were. His presentation was calm without being sleep inducing.
- Anonymous
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Jeff does a great job presenting the material. He has real world experience and relates Best Known Methods on the subject matter.
- Anonymous
Pace was good. Examples and anecdotes were good.
- Anonymous
I personally think Jeff did an exellent job. I like that he offered to answer all other SQL related questions not within the scope of the course. Also, it's good to know I can still ask him questions after completing this course.
- Anonymous
I was glad that I was learning from a professional Sql Sever developer. His knowledge exceeded instructors who only know the course material but don't have the years of industry inexperience he has.
- Anonymous
Mr. Simpkinson has done a really good job of explaining SQL. He's also done a great job of showing us how a particular process works. I've learned more in this class in three days than I have with one other trainor in three weeks.
- Anonymous

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