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Software Assurance Training Vouchers - SATV

Microsoft Software Assurance Guarantee

With the Software Assurance training voucher (SATV) benefit, which is available to qualified Microsoft software licensing subscription holders, organizations of all sizes can realize greater efficiency through instructor-led training at QuickStart Intelligence. Get your IT staff up to speed on the latest Microsoft operating systems, enterprise-ready applications, and software development tools with training from QuickStart.

How It Works

Qualifying organizations receive technical training credits from Microsoft. Each training credit can be redeemed for one free day of training at QuickStart. Credits are issued to you by your Software Assurance benefit coordinator in the form of an e-mail voucher and can be applied to any Official Microsoft Learning Product that Microsoft offers in a classroom environment through QuickStart. Microsoft develops training for professionals who support, implement, and develop solutions using Microsoft technologies.

Software Assurance Training Vouchers: Eligible Courses

Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) training credits can be used to take any Official Microsoft Learning Product offered in a classroom environment through QuickStart. After selecting a course, contact your QuickStart Learning Consultant for information about training schedules and training voucher redemption. You will need your voucher number to register for the course using Software Assurance training credits.

Not Sure if You Have Training Vouchers or Don't Know How to Redeem Them? Not sure what classes qualify?

More info Visit our SA Voucher FAQ page to learn more or Contact Us and we can help you on your way to redeeming your training vouchers.