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QuickTip: Are you ready for SQL Server 2008 R2?

Are you ready for SQL Server 2008 R2? The next generation of data management and business intelligence data platform released so far from Microsoft. It introduces a number of new features and enhancements including new editions, enhanced business intelligence, enterprise-level scalability for mission-critical operations, and a better integration with Microsoft Office 2010.

QuickTip: SharePoint Workflows – The Last Frontier

Workflows in SharePoint are usually one of the last programming tasks that a developer is asked to accomplish. It is also arguably the least documented SharePoint feature. I will attempt to explain the topic from a business perspective as to what you can achieve and deliver for your business by attaching workflows to your SharePoint Lists and/or Libraries.

QuickTip: What is Windows Azure?

Microsoft has bet big on a new technology called Windows Azure. In its simplest form it is an operating system in the cloud (over the internet). The Windows Azure platform offers a simple, comprehensive, and powerful platform for the creation of web applications and services. It allows companies to have Microsoft handle the maintenance of your hardware, and pay only for the bandwidth and services you need.

QuickTip: Applying Permission Levels to SharePoint Groups in SharePoint 2010

Today, as I was looking over the new site templates for SharePoint 2010, I ran into the new method for adding users to sites as well as creating new SharePoint Groups. There are some interesting changes, so I thought it would be good to review them.

QuickTip: Six Reasons you should upgrade to Exchange Server 2007

When a new software release is introduced we (IT professionals) are faced with the dilemma, upgrade or wait. The new Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 release is an upgrade that you should strongly consider upgrading to sooner rather than later. There are six strong reasons why you should migrate to Exchange 2007.

QuickTip: Securing Collaboration with Office Communication Server 2007

Organizations, small and large, have been using various means to collaborate from Email to SharePoint and internet instant messaging (IM) services to web conferencing. However, with third-party IM services running in an organization, the lines between corporate and personal messaging can be blurred. The threat of confidential information being leaked and/or a new means by which viruses can be transferred into an organization can haunt both corporate management and the IT security team.

QuickTip: First Look - Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

SharePoint products and technologies have become a fast friend to many organizations for quick, intuitive, and flexible information collaboration since its second iteration in 2003. In Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 users will see it's biggest makeover while revisiting functions we haven't seen since 2001.

Outlook 2003 with RPC over HTTP

As administrators continue to lock down secured networks, one option is to block unwanted protocols at the firewall level. One of these protocols is RPC (Remote Procedure Call). With the configuration of RPC over HTTP, Outlook 2003 can connect to your front-end Exchange server that is sitting behind your perimeter firewall.

QuickTip: Reporting Services in Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Microsoft SQL Server 2005's new Reporting Services feature provides Business Intelligence Developers a built-in reporting tool that can substitute many popular report design and management tools like Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise. BI Developers use the Report Designer (included in the BI Studio) to design and publish reports to the web based Report Manager.

QuickLook: Microsoft Vista

Microsoft recently announced the release of Vista Beta 1. Vista will be formally released December of 2006. Here are a few of the things to look forward to with Vista�