Transform your team to achieve workforce readiness.

Subscribe to QuickStart. This will be the best move you will make to upskill your team. QuickStart is an IT skills training provider with a proven record of "upskilling" IT professionals. We work with SMEs and large organizations in the public and private sector alike, and help them turn their IT teams into highly productive go getters.

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Tools Your Team Needs

Our courses, instructional methodology, and platform are designed to cater to all types of learners. Teams can focus on full courses, or bite-sized learning specific to their skill needs.

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Analytics, Goals, & Insights

Team managers and leads have complete insights and analytics tracking into the progress and throughput of a team, all backed by personalized learning paths and goal tracking.

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Workforre Readiness

Achieve Workforce Readiness

With the QuickStart platform, you tell us the organizational goals you want your teams to achieve, and we use adaptive learning ai to present you with the precise learning they need.

Achieve Readiness

Whether you want your team to be ready for the next big cyber-attack, want them to migrate your data to the cloud, or want to improve the integration between development and operations, we’ve got the training to help your IT team achieve their goals.

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3 Subscription Plans To Prepare Your Team.

master plan

Master Plan

The only subscription of its kind in the industry and gives you access to a full library of self-paced and virtual classroom courses. There is no limit to the amount of training you can get from this subscription.

Learn Plan

Learn Plan

This is a subscription plan comprised of hundreds of self-paced courses in all major IT domains. It entitles you to official courseware from Microsoft, CompTIA and many other certification bodies.

Free Plan

Free Plan

Completely free subscription with a growing catalog of free courses. Perfect for pros dedicated to lifelong learning. Get live weekly training sessions on Networking, Cloud, Cybersecurity, DevOps and more.










Data Science


App Dev


WorkForce Readiness
Improve Skills, Productivity, and WorkForce Readiness.
Achieve Workforce Readiness

WorkForce Readiness With Ease.

No one ever learns the same. QuickStart achieves the readiness of your teams by offering a true multi-modality platform where teams can focus on learning how they want to learn. As a manager, we give you the tools to then gauge your teams readiness with a robust insights dashboard.

IT Goals And Objectives

Hit Your IT Goals And Objectives.

Our platform has been designed around analyzing your company goals and objectives, comparing it with personal goals and objectives, and making sure that your team members achieve the mark. Our Ai engine will recommend and adaptively construct learning paths designed to meet your goals automatically.

Skill Retention

Skill Retention And Productivity.

With the help of our monthly and annual subscriptions, all plans have the course library necessary in advancing and improving the skills and the productivity of your employees. With QuickStart's learning methodology, you also get the added benefit of improving employee morale, engagement, and retention.

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Virtual Labs, Practice Exams, And More.

Virtual Lab Instances

Virtual Labs

We provide hands-on virtual labs that assist in the full understanding of real world scenarios and examples. Try your teams newly learned skills on virtual machines with multiple instances of Desktop Clients.
Certification Exams

Practice Exams And Assessments Coming Soon

Prepare teams for the real detailed and real tough certification exams by taking our practice exams and assessments. Take and retake to ensure you are completely ready for the actual exam.
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Our University Uses This.

We were able to train 50 employees with over $300,000 worth of training for just under $100,000. We were able to accomplish this in a 12 month span. By far the best value for our prominent University.

Major University
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Taught Multiple Teams At Once.

Our numerous system admins, data architects, and IT analysts from across our airports IT divisions have utilized training through subscription to upgrade their skills on an entire domain of technology for a flat rate.

International Airport Organization
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5-Star Review

We Created A Stronger WorkForce!

"We gained access to hundreds of online and virtual instructor-led courses that our employees could take throughout the year. The live labs for the classes and platform created a personalized experience for all our employees. "

National Insurance Agency