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This course deals with training students in the process of security and identity management specifically in Microsoft Azure.


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This course deals with training students in the process of security and identity management specifically in Microsoft Azure.

Course Information

About this Course:

This course deals with training students in the process of security and identity management specifically in Microsoft Azure. This course will teach students about the multiple SaaS services provided by Microsoft Azure and how they can be used in pre existing Microsoft Azure solutions.

Course Objective:

 Upon completion of this course, the participant should have an advanced skill set and a sound working knowledge of the following principals while also be able to;

  • Learn how to use Microsoft Azure AD B2B or B2C to incorporate pre existing solutions into external identity providers.
  • Learn how to design and develop new solutions using Hybrid Identity
  • Gain an insight into the workings of Microsoft Azure AD’s advanced features for example MFA, Managed Service Identity, and Privileged Identity Management and the right time to employ them.
  • Gain a basic understanding of Key vault to secure application secrets and its use
  • Learn how to use Microsoft Azure Azure Storage features and SQL Database to protect the application’s data.
  • Learn the use of Cognitive Services to provide an explanation for the multiple API available.
  • Learn what is Language Understanding (LUIS) service, Face API, and Speech API and the correct way to use them
  • Gain the skill needed to explain relationships to Microsoft Azure bot servcie and the bot framework
  • Learn how to come up with the best pricing model for Microsoft Azure storage keeping in mind the requirements of the designed solution
  • Learn how to determine what the performance threshold for the storage service of Microsoft Azure would be
  • Learn which storage blobs would be ideal for the parts of particular solutions from arange of options
  • Learn how to decide ways to best use the Microsoft Azure file service for SMB operations.
  • Learn which solutions will be best suited for the use of virtual devices or Storsimple physical and how to execute their usage
  • Learn how to compare and spot differences between monitoring services for apps , networking and the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Learn how to design a timely alert giving scheme for the solutions which are hosted in Microsoft Azure
  • Learn how to chose the best available backup option for all the data and infrastructure hosted in Microsoft Azure.
  • Learn how to automate the implementation of resources to use in the future for scaling and backup recovery
  • Gain the skills for the development and creation of a resource group
  • Learn how to add more resources to a resource group
  • Learn how to Implement an ARM template to a resource group with the objective of integrating an API or Logic App with the API Management service.
  • Learn how to design a multi region implementation plan or an app service plan to guarantee high performance and scale
  • Gain a basic understanding of the patterns in Cloud design and elucidate on the multiple pattern option which are available
  • Learn how to use load balancers for distributing network traffic across multiple loads.
  • Learn how to design a hybrid connectivity scenario between on-premise and cloud
  • Learn how to develop an availability set for a single or multiple virtual machines
  • Differentiate between update and fault domains
  • Learn how to author a VM scale set ARM template


This particular course is aimed at the following audience;

  • Cloud Solutions Architects, who will be introduced to hands on experience regarding operating systems, cloud infrastructure, billing, virtualization, networking, and storage structures.


The following prerequisites are absolutely necessary to be eligible to take this Microsoft Word 2019 course;

  • A basic knowledge and skill needed to implement the appropriate infrastructure and platform solutions to meet the required functional, operational, and deployment requirements through the solution lifecycle
  • A know how of creating and managing infrastructure components in Azure
  • The skills to implement web apps
  • An understanding of common practices needed to build resilient and scalable applications
  • The skills needed to implement Storage & Data Services
  • A knowledge of how to implement and manage cloud and mobile services
  • A previous knowledge of implementation of CDNs and Media services
  • Have a previous understanding of the working of Azure active directory and its execution to implement security in an app
  • The skill to automate and incorporate Azure resources using PowerShell


More Information

More Information
Brand Microsoft
Subjects Cloud Computing
Lab Access No
Technology Microsoft
Learning Style Self-Paced Learning
Learning Type Course
Difficulty Beginner
Course Duration 12 Hours
Language English


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