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Take advantage of monetizing on your knowledge, experience, and expertise in a spefic technology domain. Mentor others, share your knowledge with them, help them in achieving their goals, and establish yourself as the go-to problem solver in your domain.

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How Does IT Work

To establish yourself as a mentor, you should be active on several forums, have a blog of your own, have an active social media presence, and should do guest blogging on a number of websites and magazines from time to time. In short, when someone Googles a technical issue, your name should come up on the first page.

But who has the time to do all that?

Most experts we know are entrepreneurs, or have a full-time job, or work 60 hours a week, and they simply do not have the time or the resources to maintain a strong online presence on a number of websites. That is where ExpertConnect can help you.

ExpertConnect – Your One Stop Solution for Being a Mentor

ExpertConnect is a thriving community where learners and experts come together to solve technical issues and learn new skills by helping each other out. It serves as an internet forum, a social platform, a micro blogging platform, a freelance forum, and more, all rolled into one neat package.

At ExpertConnect, you create a complete profile where you highlight all your qualifications and talk about your expertise, and then you start participating in the community. The best place to start is by answering questions posted by students. You can also post projects, work on other people’s projects and get paid for it, review others and get reviews for yourself. Being active on Expert Connect means that you do not have to maintain multiple social media profiles and do not have to keep track of multiple channels. You can focus all your energy into one channel and gain maximum output.

Furthermore, being a part of this community will put you in contact with the experts, thought-leaders and rising stars of the IT world.

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