10 Famous Applications Developed with Python Programming

10 Famous Applications Developed with Python Programming

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Introduced in 1991, the programming language has evolved at an impressive pace as it is currently working at version 3.6.5 and is responsible for some of the most major app development and web application development projects. Even a non-programmer is quite aware of what Python programming language is all about. Python is the most popular and incredibly powerful computer programming language responsible for a number of amazing app development projects. Some of the largest websites in the world rely on Python programming for its foundation.

Here, we will list down the ten most popular applications that are developed with Python programming. Know


Undoubtedly, Google is the ultimate and the most popular search engine that most people use. As far as the statistics are concerned, Google is indeed the most visited search engine in the United States with 246 million U.S. visitors and a staggering market share of 63% out of all the other valued search engines. Just because the platform is too powerful, the programming language handling the platform should be equally powerful too - and that's exactly what Python is. Google relies on Python as its mainframe foundation as well as for the various other apps it runs together with the main website. It helps Google keep all data and information at a single platform.


If you are addicted to YouTube videos, you should definitely thank Python for enabling that video option for you. Python is the programming language behind the famous YouTube, to help the platform integrate streaming videos on its page. Moreover, it also enables it to like videos and accesses certain embedded information as well. YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most famous and visited website and app on the Internet and Python is the only reason it runs so smoothly.


What started as a DVD mail service has now transformed into a high-tech leader, offering HD quality streaming video content to millions of subscribers around the world. The basic strength of the app is its analytic engine and powerful recommendation, allowing the platform to hold various genres and tons of suggestions. Moreover, it can also predict the kind of content you would prefer.


What most people were not really sure of when it was first released, later became a powerful app used by a variety of companies, individuals, organizations, and more. The program gives you instant access to the cloud and offers you cloud-based services for free. The ease of storing your data that you can access from any part of the world is indeed great flexibility and convenience that people are utilizing at best. As Python is the ultimate foundation base for DropBox, people can easily rely on the service without the need of using blank CDs or USB sticks anymore. All you need is a cloud-based account, and you are on it.


Instagram is essentially a photo-blogging platform with numerous users across the globe. It is used for advertising and general marketing purposes as well, due to its inherent visibility within itself, as well as that which it offers to the users. Built with Python, this platform is steadily spreading its reach with IGTV, the video streaming feature, bringing new functionality; all with Python programming at the foundation.  


Can't find the most relevant answer on Google or other search engines? Looking for personal advice or searching for answers through people's own experiences? Put it up on Quora! All that you have been looking for is answered on Quora from individuals and communities. The smart Python programming compiles and organizes the list of questions based on different categories and members. Also, it places the best and most relevant answers on top to make navigation easier. The creators of Quora - former employees of Facebook - decided to stick to Python to create the best questions and answers platform on the Internet.


Facebook is a massive success and one of the biggest companies in history. With more than a billion users from around the world, Facebook has earned the status of the most successful social media platform that exists today. It's easy to guess that a company as big as Facebook would only rely on the best for its tech stack. And indeed, it did. Python is partly responsible for Facebook's technologies and programming languages. As per Facebook, Python takes care of the 21% of the infrastructure codebase. But keeping in mind the humongous requirements of the tech giant, Python indeed plays a major role.


If you are looking for an open community on the internet, Reddit is the answer. There's a massive amount of information available on the platform regarding various topics. Python helps the site to store usernames, upload GIFs and links, and categorize subreddits to make this platform so valuable and popular.


Spotify is the ultimate name that appears when you talk about the evolution of music game on the internet. The platform doesn't only allow you to select and keep a playlist but a list of full-length songs you love. Repeat, sing along, and groove to the music from a variety of tunes because Python offers the user the flexibility to rock on this amazing platform.


Not only the foundation but the continuous evolution of BitTorrent is the work of Python. BitTorrent is a prominent name when it comes to the massive databases of media, knowledge, and content. But it is not possible for you to get your hands on that legal stuff or lectures you can now easily download from BitTorrent if it wasn't built on Python.

Python is a multi-paradigm language allowing developers to establish a unique program using different approaches, which include both functional programming and object-oriented programming. One of the basic reasons why industry giants rely on Python for programming is because of the variety of non-scripted and scripted contexts it can offer. 

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