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Monthly Archives: January 2019

  1. Microsoft Azure Training can Provide Potential Cloud Engineers with these 5 Professional Competencies

    The engineering sector has always been quite dynamic. The versatility definitely is the biggest catch when it comes to this profession. And right when we were counting the fields where engineers are relevant, we cannot help but add cloud engineers to the list. Businesses of all geographies, industries, and sizes, despite their varying motivations, are turning to cloud services. The accelerating cloud adoption has made the demand for IT and cloud professionals higher than ever before. And cloud engineers are not an exception. It is a prominent position in the IT operations, and these engineers are actively involved in developing the design, strategies, and major decision-making process. But when it comes to working with Azure platform for cloud computing, it is ideal to have Microsoft Azure training. The skills and knowledge gained through Azure training and certification help cloud engineers achieve professional competencies. The training is also important because it adds credibility to your resume and improves career opportunities for you as an individual.

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  2. Everything You Need to Know about AWS SysOps Administration Associate Level (CT003AC)

    Candidates opting for AWS SysOps Administration - Associate Level certification are likely to attain a deeper knowledge of AWS deployment services and infrastructure on the AWS platform. The skills do not only help them clear the certification exam, but brings a lot of benefits in return. First off, it enables you to showcase your advances and achievements on your resume. Your technical skills are validated as an AWS expert. Indeed, credibility is the first advantage that students can get with the certification. It boosts your knowledge about the AWS services and makes you an appropriate choice for organizations implementing the AWS platform on board. Acquiring these credentials means opening doors to amazing career opportunities for you.

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  3. Everything You Need to Know about AWS Solutions Architect Associate Level (CT001AC)

    The AWS Certified solutions for Architect Associate certification is an ideal way to jumpstart your cloud career. This certification has held the #1 position in cloud certifications for two years. And since the average salaries for an AWS certification cross 100,000 dollars a year, it is definitely a highly lucrative option for anyone interested in working in the IT profession. If you are considering to get your own AWS Solution Architect Associate certification, it is like taking your first steps towards a more established career. However, if you are still trying to make your mind, we have all the important information available here to help you make up your mind. Cloud computing is a dynamic industry, and it's essential for professionals in this field to chase the latest tech trend. The industry is evolving at an impressive pace and sticking to your traditional and old-school techniques can harm your career. With certifications like these, you gain the latest knowledge and skills required to keep up with the growing pace. Ignorance in the department will make your skills irrelevant very quickly.

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  4. Everything You Need to Know about ONTAP Data Protection Administration 9.3

    After the latest update, the ONTAP Data Protection course 9.3 software has improved even more. Now it is your best bet to learn ONTAP SnapMirror, SyncMirror, SnapVault, NDMP technologies, SVM DR, and more with a great level of proficiency. Additionally, you will also be trained to carry out processes like restoration, replication, and protecting mission-critical data within the organization that you are serving. Restore and backup operations are taught with the help of OnCommand System Manager and NetApp storage system CLI.

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  5. Everything You Need to Know About CompTIA Network Security Certification Boot Camp

    Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) introduced CompTIA Network+ Certification in 1999 to examine the skills and knowledge of network technicians having relevant experience in the field of networking. CompTIA Network+ Boot camps are now offered by CompTIA learning partners who prepare the candidates for CompTIA Network+ Certification. Majority of the boot camp courses are now being offered online which makes it easier for the network technicians to take each course according to their schedule. Network technicians can now read CompTIA Network+ cooks online, can take online tests, and even take CompTIA Network+ notes that they can review later. Network+ is also an ISO-17024 compliant certification which is vendor neutral. Taking this certification will verify that you possess networking and security-related knowledge and skills which will play a pivotal role if you want to pursue a career in network security of services.

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  6. Everything You Need to Know about ONTAP Cluster Administration 9.3

    ONTAP courses provide the industry validation for your advanced knowledge and skills as a NetApp technical professional. The course does not only guarantee a career jump but also gives you the benefits of a competitive edge in the market. With big data and mission-critical data becoming so core to the business operations, gaining certification with ONTAP 9.3 is definitely a win-win situation for you and the organization that hires you. If you have been looking for details about ONTAP Cluster Administration 9.3, keep reading.

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  7. Everything You Need to Know About Certified Ethical Hacking as a Certification

    Hacking is a phenomenon that is perceived to be malicious, with an intent to breach someone’s privacy or exploit vulnerabilities in the systems connected to the internet. People who exploit systems have existed since the birth of systems as well. But with the advent of IT, the globalization that enables seamless communication throughout the whole world, the risk and potential of hacking has drastically increased. Therefore, many organizations, private as well as government-run, have come up with proactive measures to prevent themselves from being targeted from hackers. Ethical hacking is a technique that uses the skills of a hacker, but the intentions behind it are completely opposite to that of a hacker. Ethical hackers make use of hacking to find out the loopholes or vulnerable aspects of a system, they then provide these organizations with insightful feedback which, in turn, allows these organizations to strengthen the security protocols they have in place.

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  8. Reasons Why ITIL will Benefit Enterprise IT Ops Teams in 2019

    ITIL, now part of ITSM, was initially introduced back in the 1980s. Although there have been various meaningful iterations since the fundamental concept that governs ITIL is still the same. With its numerous benefits, some business professionals complain that the security and integrity ITIL provides is at the cost of unnecessary check and authorizations, causing difficulties in workflows of people. Some go even as far as to say that ITIL is outdated and will soon be replaced with DevOps and Agile. The complaints arise due to the failure of ITSM to keep up with the rapid evolution of software development and IT Operation, and the frustration ITIL’s silo approach causes for ITSM professionals. Arguably, the last iteration of ITIL, the ITIL v3 released back in 2011, does indeed seem a bit antiquated by today’s standards where tech giants like Netflix and Amazon are working towards lean and fast operations.

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