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  1. How to Become a Security Architect

    How to Become a Security Architect

    If you are seeking a career in cybersecurity, then there are different paths that you can take, but keep in mind that there is no linear path to it. While some people enter the filed right after college, others jump from one IT role to another, until they reach their goal. However, as is the case with all other career, you must always begin with a general experience. You need to be well aware of how the information technology works before opting for a specialized field in this vast area of expertise. There are different entry level jobs for IT careers, however, if you are hell bent on pursuing a career in cybersecurity, then considering the position of a security architect may just be right for you. Keep in mind that over 30% of the cybersecurity jobs require candidates having an industry certification (Forbes, 2016).

    As most of the cybersecurity jobs at the management level are highly specialized, therefore, the more certifications and specializations you have under your belt, the better your chances of landing a good job in a reputable organization. Employers look for candidates having acquired certifications that serve as a proof of their capabilities.

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  2. 3 Advantages of Office 365 Training for Enterprise IT Ops Personnel

    Microsoft office 365 is a suite of software services offered by Microsoft primarily targeted towards corporate clients and educational institutions. Microsoft Office 365 offers the whole Microsoft Office productivity software suite as well as other services that offer a competitive edge to enterprises, such as business-class email, shared calendar, OneDrive storage, instant messaging (IM), video conferencing, and file sharing. Office 365 offers a one-stop shop for all productivity software needs of an enterprise. Apart from these offerings, Office 365 has a simple web-based interface that is streamlined and optimized for straightforward deployment. What’s more? All these services are in the cloud, which means instant access to Office 365 anywhere for all users working in the enterprise.

    What makes Office 365 so successful is its immensely useful and practical product line as well as the benefits it provides to IT professionals and the Office 365 training courses it offers to IT Ops Personnel. Some of these benefits listed below.

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  3. How O365 Certification Training Empowers IT Managers

    Microsoft’s Office 365 is an innovative platform that offers a range of services such as Microsoft Office suite, business-class email, shared calendar, instant messaging (IM), video conferencing, and file sharing. These services are immensely beneficial for businesses ranging from small enterprises to large corporations. For an organization to smoothly run Office 365 services, it is important that they have the manpower with Office 365 training. Office 365 training equips IT managers with the key skills required to operate this service and maintain the reliability of the platform.

    With such an extensive and far-reaching service, Microsoft sees the need for Office 365 training as well and therefore offers various training courses for IT professionals. I will be talking about how Office 365 training benefits IT managers in an enterprise.

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  4. Is Enterprise Cybersecurity Training in 2019 Worth it?

    While there is easy access and the world is connected by all means, there is a dire need to maintain security. We as individuals in an organization may not have much idea, but IT teams day in and day out strive to make sure the content we create, and share remains safe and secure without any breach. Even though the IT world relies on cloud-based computing for its growth, it is unfortunate that there are people out there who exploit and cause harm to IT systems and organizations.

    For this purpose, we need security systems installed and teams that are responsible for monitoring them so our sensitive and precious data can be prevented from being hacked. In addition to providing our data with maximum protection, security teams help us create a back-up in case we end up losing data. Having multiple storages will ensure data recovery in case one of the mediums gets compromised.

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  5. ITIL Foundation Certification Helps With These 8 IT Service Management Jobs

    Over the years, the IT industry has gained a reputation for being the most revolutionary field of service. There has been a lot of improvement in the IT industry as a whole. The IT infrastructure and frameworks are far more complex now than ever before. This means IT professionals need to gain ITSM Training and Certification to be considered an authority on the subject.

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  6. Enterprise IT Ops Training - Is ITSM Training Beneficial for SMEs?

    The world of Information Technology is extremely dynamic. Mini revolutions happen here every day! For IT professionals, this translates into extra time and effort invested in updating themselves with the latest. This is a never-ending race, and IT Ops Certifications are a small step in the bigger scheme of things.

    These days online IT training and certifications are quite popular. These were once a great way for businesses to train and develop their resources so they could yield greater benefits in the long run. Nowadays, however, these are mostly taken on by IT practitioners themselves. This not only keeps them competitive and on top of the best industry practices but also ensures employers have a difficult time rejecting their job applications.

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  7. 4 Data Management Challenges of 2019 and How NetApp Training Helps Mitigate Them

    With the rapid increase of applicability and accessibility of information technology such as the introduction of cloud services, the inflow, and outflow of data within an organization has increased dramatically. Effective data management, however, is the key factor, which ensures the success of the business, as it is this data which when utilized effectively results in monetary gains for the business and provides an edge over the other competitors. With the changing markets and increased diversity, the amount of data generated on a daily basis is massive, because of which skilled personnel is demanded to make it more accessible, to secure it and to make it relevant for users. This is where NetApp comes in. Established in 1992, this Fortune 500 Company offers hybrid cloud data services for data management across cloud and on-premises environments. Net Apps is perhaps one of the biggest names, which pop in anyone’s mind when data management is mentioned, and this is why all businesses look to implement NetApp services to optimize their business operations as well. Keeping up with the rising demand for NetApp training, QuickStart offers exclusive and extensive online classes conducted by industry experts, which definitely results in any organization effectively dealing with their data management challenges. Now, in this article, we will be discussing few of the data management challenges businesses are experiencing and will continue to experience in 2019, and also how NetApp training can be utilized to efficiently deal with those challenges.

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  8. 5 Advantages of CompTIA Certification for Enterprise Cloud Professionals

    CompTIA is a highly regarded trade association that has been in operation for the past 40 years, constantly evolving with the industry as new trends emerge and innovative practices are adopted. CompTIA Training and Certifications are promising paths for Cloud teams to pursue in order to become more competitive, learn about the various aspects of cloud infrastructure and understand how the gears work in conjunction with each other in order to make the Cloud platform work.

    This article will talk about how the scope of CompTIA Certifications and how CompTIA certification training benefits Cloud teams working in enterprises.

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