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3 Remote Learning Technology Must-Haves, for Higher Ed

3 Remote Learning Technology Must-Haves, for Higher Ed

If there is something in the world that is constant, it is the change. Nobody in the world can deny that saying. Even if we try, we cannot escape the change. Sometimes, there are sudden changes and shifts in societies and businesses that take place unexpectedly when there happen some unfortunate events. These shifts transform society and give it a completely new shape. For example, when world war 2 started, American men took off to fight, and women of that time stood up and fulfilled the responsibilities of men, and did it quite well. But after that, women never looked back, and they still go shoulder to shoulder with men in every field.

Well, if see the condition right now, the COVID 19 pandemic has forced the society into a shift. Almost everything from work to education is going through a change, a change we never anticipated. Work from home and remote learning are the things we are doing right now, just because of the change we are embracing due to the pandemic. It is going to save a lot of time that was going to be wasted if we would not have accepted to change with the shift. Right now, it is mostly about waking up, staying home, working on the laptop, or taking online classes if you are a student. Remote learning is in its starting phase right now, as we just got introduced to it. There are the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing, that can take remote leaning to another level. The apps and software we are using right now are great, but they need to be worked on as they are unable to offer some fundamental things. There is a limited number of students, that can be connected to the app, and the teacher cannot keep an eye on every student. All of this is possible if the latest technologies are used in remote learning.

3 Remote Learning Technology Must-Haves

With COVID 19 not slowing down and keep spreading worldwide, we have started our transition towards remote classrooms. It will soon become a normal thing, but to make sure it works fine for us, we need to focus on evolving technologies.

Nobody has any idea about when things will go back to normal. It can take weeks, months, or even years, but life does not stop for anyone. Universities, colleges, and even schools are now setting up their online learning portals to keep the learning part going. To make sure that remote classrooms work to streamline, they can arrange online Bootcamp, and for that, there is a need for some tools and some rules. These tools are available in the digital market, with prices very less and some are even free. The three mus- have rules for remote leaning are following.

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  1. Classroom Management Tools For Robust Learning Experiences

Classroom management tools allow a teacher to create assignments, discussion groups, and tests for students. These tools include Google Classroom, Top Hat, and many more. With these tools, you do not need to download any big files because everything is stored on the cloud. You just log in and join the class, and so the assignments, etc. These tools sure develop a robust online learning experience for students. But, as it is a public platform, the security of data is not that firm.

  1. Collaboration and Administration Tools For Better Communication and Teamwork

When things are running remotely, we need to have some means of sharing resources and collaborate, especially when we talk about remote learning. There are some tools by using which we can start collaborations, and we can also administrate the complete process. Raftr and Bisk are the collaboration software and the Microsoft team is a software that makes it easy for us to schedule our meetings. With these tools, we can ensure the classroom environment with scalable functionality. We can also design long term assignments and tests in these apps. The only pitfall is to decide who is going to have the admin rights to design all of these things.

  1. Video Chat Solutions For Face-to-Face Experiences

It is the most essential part of remote learning as, without video and face to face experience, there is no concept of the remote classroom. Video chat solutions let students have a face to face contact with their teacher. It enables them to share resources like documents and slides, etc. Cisco WebEx and Zoom are the cost-effective solutions for this problem right now. Video chat is the only thing that enables the feeling of traditional classrooms, in which the teacher is physically there teaching them. You are required to install software to start this, and it can be a problem keeping in mind the security risks. Otherwise, this is the best for the condition of the pandemic we are in, right now.

For setting up a remote learning environment, the most crucial thing is the right technology. Without the right technology, we cannot set up the remote classroom, ensuring the satisfaction of students is on another level. With all the steps mentioned above, one can kick start the remote learning. All the best!

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