5 IT and Networking Career Options you can avail with a Cisco Certification

In the present working scenario, it can be very complicated for a willing candidate to get a job in the field of Information Technology, particularly when the candidate has just entered a new sub-domain of the IT industry. Despite of that, there’s an abundance of opportunities for the right candidate who possess some experience combined with the right type of certifications. And if we particularly talk about the networking field within the IT industry, Cisco certifications are fetching handsome salaries for a candidate who has undergone various Cisco training modules.

Just like any other profession, the more knowledge you possess, the better you are able to negotiate upon the salary terms. Making your shift to the sub-domain of networking field is a sound decision if you are a Cisco certified professional. This would make you stand apart from other candidates who do not possess this certificate. However, the monetary terms (the salary) is the second step ahead. The primary procedure is to position yourself inside an open vacancy. And for that, a Cisco training session following with a certification would clear this step up for you.

Cisco Certifications Have Become a Hardcore Requirement for Job Placements in the Field of Networking

Due to the fact that Cisco certifications are demanded across the world, enterprises now regard them as a hardcore requirement for job placements in the field of networking, even if they deploy the Cisco networking concepts within their working environments or not.

Greater Income Curve

Upon getting CCNA certified, you as a networking expert can also take advantage from greater salary package and there is a plethora of job opportunities available in the market. New prospects are forming day after day and there’s an immense increase for the human resource requirement of CCNA certified professionals.

Before looking forward to other certifications, you must first clear the CCNA examination and then only the new options are opened for you (depending upon your interest). There are 3 basic modules covered in CCNA certification:

  • CCNA Wireless
  • CCNA Security
  • CCNA Voice

If you’re much inclined towards the Designing section, the CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate) Certification is the right tool for you. But CCDA is for those who aren’t interested in the administration domain of Cisco networking.

How CCNA Helps Boost Your Career (5 IT & Networking Job Role Prospects)

Getting a CCNA Certification does not only ensure that you get the best of knowledge and the right skillsets, it also ensures that you become eligible for applying in high-scale enterprises that require a certified networking professional. Upon passing the CCNA exam, you are able to get a job quickly in comparison to your peers.

You, as a CCNA certified professional can fit in any of these 5 highly-paid IT & Networking job roles:

  • Network System Engineers: This job role requires you to have sufficient knowledge of installing and managing different network devices. Further to that, you should also know how to troubleshoot various networking issues with the system, switches, and routers.
  • Network (System) Administrator: You can serve as a network administrator in a firm by acquiring the CCNA certification. Most of the times, a small-scale firm would appoint you as a networking administrator and assign you two different job roles, i.e.: networking administration and system administration which gives you more exposure in the field of networking.
  • Support Engineer: More commonly known as L1 & L2 support engineers, this job role is basically a support-driven category that requires a candidate to provide proper and established networking support to peer engineers.
  • Network Engineers: This job role lets you work as a team member of the IT support team in a firm.
  • Network Security Associate: This job role is primarily focused towards ensuring the network security against cyber-attacks. The candidate is responsible for implementing various vulnerability assessment checks to identify top cyber-security threats. However, it is recommended that you accomplish the CCNA Security and CCNA Routing & Switching certifications in order to be eligible for this job position.

Miscellaneous job roles in the field of networking

A lot of various job roles are accessible once you choose the CCNA certification as a benchmark in your IT & Networking career. For instance, if you have sound knowledge about wireless infrastructures, you can easily acquire the desired job position. You are also eligible to apply for other job roles like support technicians, voice engineers, data center associates and various other job titles. The IT certifications are great entitlements and recognition documents that make you eligible for a wide range of job positions. They also serve as a big help for those who consider shifting from one field to another field (the field of IT industry).

The IT industry is in a great need of CCNA certified professionals and this demand is increasing day-after-day. In today’s world, employers are seeking competitive IT individuals who possess the right skillsets to handle some of the most complicated tasks that come under the domain of networking area. And accreditations definitely stretch a line between qualified candidates and non-qualified candidates. What’s more interesting is that a CCNA certified professional does not require any academic qualification such as a college degree to apply for a networking job position. Employers now prefer analytical and problem-solving skills rather than a college degree and this is definitely a great advantage of acquiring the CCNP and CCNA certification.

In conclusion, Cisco Certification programs open new doors and opportunities for you once you become a CCNA certified professional and you also get to enhance your learning curve by enrolling in other Cisco certificate courses. Get in touch with one of our Cisco experts today. 

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