6 Advantages of ONTAP Cloud Storage for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

In 2015, a survey confirmed that more than 50% of small businesses have already implemented some type of cloud computing technology. This is no surprise, especially if we keep the growth in cloud computing technology in mind. In order to stay in the race, grow, and thrive, it was important for a small and medium-sized business to get on track and adopt the most trending technology that holds amazing benefits for the business. Cloud services such as cloud storage offer valuable IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. Initially, cloud storage was considered a benefit for personal use alone. With time, businesses started benefitting from it too. From storage to network security, cloud services are offering solutions for various aspects of technology, and it is important for businesses for all sizes to make the most out of the comprehensive benefits of cloud services.  

Taking the leap is the first step to yield cloud storage benefits. In addition to considering the third-party platform to store your important data, you must also consider the best cloud storage service provider to start with. NetApp has gained tremendous growth and popularity in the field and offers the NetApp ONTAP platform as the most reliable cloud storage solution. The only thing you need to get started with ONTAP is NetApp training. Training your team to utilize the platform for your business storage needs is crucial to attaining all the associated benefits. NetApp training also helps the businesses deal with server sprawl and make data collection and growth more manageable.

ONTAP Cloud Storage for Small and Medium Enterprises

When it comes to data storage, ONTAP cloud storage is a prominent solution. This is an efficient and cost-effective method to store data regardless of how massive it is without arranging additional on-premise storage space or increasing cost. ONTAP cloud storage is an ideal virtual infrastructure managed by a reliable third party to make data storage and management easier and more efficient. The best way to earn maximum benefits for the data management solution is NetApp training.

When you offer NetApp certification to your employees, they are prepared to take care of the massive amounts of data. They understand the storage need and the full capacity ONTAP platform has to offer. Moreover, you can even avail the package that offers a complete range of data management needs instead of just cloud storage for data. In short, NetApp training is the ultimate solution to all your data storage needs.

ONTAP Cloud Storage Benefits for SMEs

NetApp training and cloud storage solutions have made it easier for small and medium enterprises to utilize unlimited storage space and management services without busting the budget. Moreover, your data is in a much secure environment as compared to your on-premise systems. The benefits below can help you simplify your data infrastructure, especially for small and medium enterprises.

Boost Enterprise Performance

Small and medium-sized enterprises often struggle with data storage due to lack of resources. However, the failure to store data efficiently can impact the overall business operations. Delayed storage operations can increase the workload and compromise the data center efficiency.

With ONTAP cloud storage, SMEs can achieve:

  • Improved performance
  • Better delivery
  • Consistently low-latency levels
  • Improved test and development processes
  • Improved storage-utilization rates
  • Increase speed to deal with the growing workloads
  • Improved data protection, provision capacity, and copies

Integrating Cloud Technology

In addition to the cloud storage benefits, SMEs can also integrate high-level of cloud technology. This includes automating the tiering process, especially for raw data. This also includes both public and private cloud environments. The cloud storage solution also applies to hybrid cloud infrastructure. The SMEs can benefit from using an efficient platform for easy-moving data. Integrating cloud technology also enables smaller businesses to monitor and manage data across the enterprise and cloud.

Increased Flexibility

Business processes and requirements are constantly changing. To keep up and deliver what you require, it's crucial to follow a system with great flexibility. This is one factor that helps business to adapt to the changes more rapidly and with ease. The flexibility helps scale up both capacity and performance for cloud storage. The key is to unify the storage and management process on the cloud with the help of skills and knowledge you gain through NetApp training.


The ONTAP platform is the epitome of unmatched versatility. The cloud storage ensures the business requirements are met, regardless of the change and updates it goes through. As mentioned earlier, technology is constantly evolving and so are the business requirements. To be able to move data freely can offer great benefits. Also, the platform allows you to operate at a high-performance level and great capacity without any disruption.

Efficient Data Management

ONTAP is more than just cloud storage. You can avail a variety of services related to the overall data management. Also, ONTAP meets a wider range of needs of an enterprise, regardless of its size. The traditional method of managing data using storage silos can be both time-consuming and a hassle for SMEs. Therefore, ONTAP data management enables small and medium-sized enterprises to secure, store, and manage data on different platforms. ONTAP also enables businesses to take maximum control of data management.

Simple to Use

Simplicity is a great feature of ONTAP cloud storage. This can be of great benefit for small and medium businesses. With ONTAP storage and management services, a business can gain instant scalability, services, and upgrades. The services also enable smaller businesses to store and access massive scale files in one place, which is easier to access and manage. Additionally, features like load balancing can also offer great benefits to the user.


ONTAP cloud storage and data management are loaded with amazing benefits for small businesses. However, to acquire these benefits at their maximum capacity, it is important to provide NetApp training and certifications to your teams.