By 2020, it is reported that around 2.7 million fresh jobs would be created for data scientists in the United States alone. And if you take a quick flashback, data analytics job was the most trending job in 2017, GlassDoor reports. Now if we talk about the bigger picture –the rest of the world– imagine the number of jobs and new prospects for data scientists in 2019. With more and more organizations accepting and understanding the true importance of Big Data Training, it is imperative for you to go with the flow and get trained in the big data domain.

When I.T. professionals think of switching between jobs in midst of their career paths, they either put their interests on first priority or get attracted towards higher opportunities. Data Science Training is that crucial step and activity that could fetch both the elements for a person looking forward to making a career in data science in 2019. If you have a second thought running in your mind about career in big data science, then these 7 benefits of data science career would help you in making a better decision:

Highly-Demanding Profession

Forbes nicely explains in its post as to how will data science evolve over the next decade. This means there’s an abundance of new job opportunities for trained data science experts in 2019 and years ahead.

In the coming few years, it is projected that the reach of data analytics industry will capture over 1/3rd of the international IT market. Every enterprise, regardless of its scale, is on a hunt to hire employees who are certified data science professionals. In addition to that, as the role of automation in various sectors is already becoming very integral and prominent, more and more odd jobs are being replaced by technology. And big data science is another new horizon that is replacing the methods as to how data scientists used to collect data and information in the past.

In conclusion, big data will influence most of the business decisions in 2019 and now is the right time to become a certified data analyst.

Multiple Job Roles

If we talk from a career’s perspective, there are a handful of options available in the employment sector, with reference to job roles and designations. And since data analytics is used in various fields, the below job roles are not only the most specific job roles you should expect to see on board in 2019:

  • Big Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Consultant
  • Analytics Architect

An Easy Platform to Begin With

The field of big data analytics combine multiple programming frameworks and languages including Python, Java, C++, and etc. Even though you’ve just started working on these languages, a career in Data Science in 2019 opens new doors to you. And since Big Data Science is not just restricted to a standalone programming language, you get to explore every bit of different programming languages and learn something new every day. You as a programmer could combine the best of potentials of different programming languages and big data to further elevate your career in 2019.

Bigger Brands Have Bigger Opportunities

With the technological developments and advancements, more and more companies are realizing the importance of hiring data science training certified professionals to keep up with the overly-growing competition. While most of them have already adopted widespread digital operations in order to improve customer satisfaction, a number of big brands like Apple, IBM, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle are going to post multiple job roles for big data scientists in the year 2019. These companies would of course require a potential candidate to have prior experience but those who would be certified in the domain of data science would be given equal preference too.

Very Less Competition and Multiple Outlook Prospects

There’s no denial to the fact that the field of data science is relatively new if you compare it with other domains. Due to this reason, organizations are unable to find high-profile candidates to fulfill their data science job role requirements. And this is a great opportunity that you need to tap as a prospective data scientist.

As per a report, a lot of data scientists have below 5 years of working experience. This means that there’s a huge scarcity of trained big data experts in the market. And supply of trained data experts would only increase to a very less fraction of the aggregate demand in 2019. For the reason that data scientists are in a huge demand, the supply is unable to meet such shooting demands.

As a matter of fact, organizations in 2019 would hire specialized recruiting managers to find trained and certified big data experts. This is a very big edge for those who are already trained in the big data segment. And you as a certified big data analyst could negotiate your demands from these organizations, be it the monetary terms or other non-monetary benefits that a normal candidate could only desire for. With big data training certificate in your possession, you can get an upper hand over those prospective candidates who don’t.

Gateway to multiple freelancing opportunities

It is a well-known fact and we’ve already witnessed that professionals within the I.T. industry opt for side gigs together with working full-time for an organization. And you as a trained big data analyst could take advantage from freelancing opportunities in 2019. The freelance platform is growing from year to year and there’s no surprise that we’ll witness many new freelance job opportunities for big data scientists. But receiving sufficient amount of training is a condition here, because it is a concrete evidence that you are a certified trained expert in the field of Big Data Analytics.

Handful of Available Training Options

Unlike other fields, the big data domain is not just limited to a single module or course. There are a number of training modules available to those who want to get certified in the field of big data analytics. From data science foundations, to applied data science, and data engineering, you have multiple areas to enhance your data science skills in order to make a successful career in 2019.