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7 Gadget Gift Ideas (+5 Fun Stocking Stuffers!)

7 Gadget Gift Ideas (+5 Fun Stocking Stuffers!)

Give a gift to a techie

Having trouble finding the perfect holiday gift for your gadget-obsessed loved one? Don’t worry, you won’t have to hack into their laptop to investigate their search history this year.

We’ve compiled a list of the year’s hottest tech gifts to save you time and sanity. So take a glance and get your shopping done early.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll want some of these for yourself….

1. Bluesmart Carry-On Luggage

With the accompanying Bluesmart app, you can remotely lock, track, and weigh your luggage, examine your travel habits, and even recharge your mobile devices. No more crowding around the airport outlets for some extra juice! This luggage is perfect for the traveling techie in your life.

2. Anker Powercore+ 10050 Portable Charger

For those gadget gurus who are constantly on-the-go, consider this powerful portable charger. Marketed as the “smallest 10,000mAh portable charger on the market,” this mighty device charges your phone or tablet incredibly fast via USB cable.

3. Parrot Airborne Cargo MiniDrone

Tap into their inner-kid with this cool and cost-efficient drone, embedded with a VGA mini camera. They’ll be able to take pictures from up to 65ft in the air while carrying miniature cargo. This is perfect for anyone just starting out with drone technology.

4. Tile

Some of us aren’t so great at keeping track of things like keys, wallets, or TV remotes. Thankfully, there’s now an easy way to find lost items with a nifty device called Tile. Using an app on your phone or tablet, you can track anything attached to a Tile.

Put it on your key ring, in your luggage, or on the back of your remote. For items within a 100-foot Bluetooth range, you can even signal your Tile to let out a small alarm which will guide you right to it.

5. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Help them focus this holiday season with these headphones from Bose. They help block out periphery noise and give you full, quality sound. These are perfect for gamers, music-lovers, or movie enthusiasts.  Bonus: Make it personal by customizing headphones with their favorite color.

6. Chromebit CS10

The newest micro-desktop to hit the market is the Asus Chromebit, which packs the power of an entire desktop computer in one little portable stick. You can turn any HDMI monitor into a computer instantly. It runs Google’s Chrome OS and is mostly used for cloud-based work.

7. IT Training

Give them the gift of professional development by enrolling them in IT training at From end user training to IT certification, we provide the quality and convenient eLearning solutions to further any career.

Keep an eye out for special deals during Cyber Week!

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking looking a little flat? Check out these unique tech gifts under $20!

1. Smartphone Gloves

Everything is touchscreen these days, and during the colder months this can become a problem. Help keep their fingers from freezing with these special gloves, which allow you to use your smartphone or tablet without taking them off.

2. Screen Cleaner

Everyone hates smudges covering the screens of their most beloved gadgets. This screen cleaning kit is portable and convenient. They’ll be able to keep their screens shiny anywhere they go.

3. Retro Handset for Smartphones

This is the perfect gift for those on your list who like to keep it old-school. Stuff their stockings with this traditional phone handset which plugs into the headphone jack of any smartphone and actually works!

4. Credit Card Lightbulb

This wallet-size flashlight is not only fun, but functional! It’s great to have on hand during traveling.

5. Long USB Cable

Ever been glued to the wall as you charge your phone? Not fun. Try giving them a longer USB cable to give them a little more wiggle room during charge times. Look for a version that is compatible with their phone or tablet.

Happy Holidays!

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