8 Professional Advantages of App Development Training for the Modern Programmer

With application development becoming an increasingly more lucrative area, it has become quite imperative for field staff of IT enterprises to cope with the pace. This is the reason why every mobile and web app developer needs mobile app development training. Even if you’re a newcomer to the mobile app development segment and not associated with any organization, the right training could bridge the gap between you and a potential employer willing to hire a certified mobile app developer. It’s all about moving ahead of the app development learning curve with the help of certified training courses.

IT firms nowadays require their mobile and web development employees to have updated knowledge. This makes it very important for these firms to introduce their employees to hands-on training sessions. This can be done in one of two ways:

Option#1: Academic Courses in Colleges and Universities

Option#2: Enrolling in online application development training courses

The second option is more of a professional approach rather than being hired by an IT firm on the basis of just a college degree. This is due to the fact that real hands-on application development training would equip you with the right modern application development strategies and what exactly such companies require. Here’s a quick glimpse as to why app development training is important for a modern-day programmer. You, as a potential app developer, should expect to reap the following professional advantages of enrolling yourself in an app development training program:

Accessibility to Cross-Functional Devices

iOS and Android are the only two competent authorities ruling the mobile apps segment. And manufacturers are launching new devices and technologies such as next-gen smartphones, smartwatches, and Smart TVs every other day. This all implies that diversification in a range of supported devices fetches diverse career opportunities for a certified app developer.

Multiple Job Roles

The increasing number of internet and application users has influenced a lot of global IT professionals to get qualified in the app development domain; resulting in a high demand for trained and certified app developers. Upon successfully completing your app development course, you shall be entitled to some of the very demanding job roles in a reputed IT firm, such as:

  • Front-End Developer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Web Application Developer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • UI Developer

A Result-Driving Investment

Every little investment made for grooming your web application development skills is worth it in the professional world. Even if you’re an already existing employee of an IT enterprise, you’d be doubted for your competency levels if you aren’t a certified app developer despite possessing years of experience and skills. This simply doesn’t mean that there’s a substitute to experience and a certificate could replace it. With the advancement in technology, it is of more importance that you acquaint yourself with the right set of skills and capabilities in order to keep up with the shifting trends.

Keeping Up with Modern-Day Languages

A refresher course or an online application development course would equip you with new development languages, trends, platforms, and skills. These quality traits give application and web development employees the upper hand, and a platform to learn new things every day.

Other than that, hybrid mobile application development is now topping the chart for being the most demanded profession in the Information Technology world. This new combination allows app developers to blend the best methods of both native programming language and HTML5. Hybrid applications are now gaining credibility for their capability to provide an all-in-one functional platform for multiple operating systems. Yet it is a bit more complex and thus needs extensive training courses to get command over hybrid application development.

Being Eligible for In-House Training

New platforms and technologies are hitting up the trend chart every minute. Likewise; business challenges are shifting upwards and increasing day-by-day. This is the reason why IT departments can’t just rely on the proficiency and specialization that their field staff is acquainted with. Consistent learning and development are essential for any IT firm to grow and sustain within the ever-advancing industry. A number of IT firms are so focused on grooming their application development units that they introduce demos and in-house training sessions where certified application developers can take advantage of custom development tracks.

A Diversity of Options: Freelance or Company-Bound

The overly-growing demand for advanced mobile applications is on a rapid move and is thus creating a lot of opportunities for trained application developers. You can either work on a freelance basis or join a firm for a fixed salary job as a certified mobile app developer.

Academic Qualification is Far Outdone

If an individual becomes a certified application developer, the basic and the least eligibility criteria (the academic track) already gets bypassed and overlooked which is a hardcore requirement for new entrants. The need for a traditional college degree is elapsed and that certified individual finds it very easy to getting hired in a reputed IT enterprise.

Good Salary Range

Upon being accredited as a trained application developer, you’ll be welcomed with a lot of incredible job opportunities with a good salary range and various benefits that a non-qualified application developer would reach to in a very long time. If you are relatively new to the mobile or web application development field, the right training will enhance your vision and help you to make sound decisions for your application development career.

Growing Demand

Apple and Android application development training now ranks amongst the most demanded and trendy technical courses in the word! And as per a recent survey, the demand for certified application developers is increasing at almost double the rate of supply. Meaning that there are a very few certified mobile and web developers and a big number of IT companies looking for such individuals. App development training and certifications such as developing ASP .NET web apps and Bootstrap 3 will undoubtedly help potential developers get a leg up on the competition.