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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  1. BitLocker To Go




    BitLocker was first introduced in Windows Vista and it has been evolving since then. BitLocker protects your data by encrypting it.  In Windows 7, the ability to right-click on a drive to enable BitLocker protection was added.  Another important BitLocker feature added in Windows 7 is BitLocker To Go.  That is the focus of this topic.

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  2. Degree vs. Certification: Which Is More Beneficial to a Career in IT?



    While some hiring managers still place college degrees high on their list of requirements for potential employees, most in the IT industry admit that it isn’t a determining factor when looking for new hires.

    With university tuitions at their highest and more online IT certification programs popping up every day, it seems obvious that technology professionals would gravitate toward the cheaper and more accessible option.

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