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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  1. Using "Now Micro Right Click Tools" with System Center Config Manager R2

    Using "Now Micro Right Click Tools" with System Center Config Manager R2

    Categories: IT Ops & Management

    When I teach the System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 course, I’m always asked about tools and utilities that will make the product better. One such utility is called a Right Click tool. What are Right Click Tools? A right click tool is a utility typically developed by a third-party company or developer, which adds functionality whenever an object with the product is right mouse clicked.  There are several System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Right Click Tools and utilities available. There are the PowerShell Right Click Tools, Dan Ireland has SCCM Console Extensions, Rick Houchins’ SCCM Right Click Tools ConfigMgr 2007/2012, and the list goes on and on. The one that I use and love is Now Micro Right Click Tools.

    I stumbled across this utility while browsing a Microsoft site.  I downloaded it and haven’t looked back since. Unlike some of the earlier Right Click Tools, this one installs as a Windows Installer package.

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  2. Calling versus Called Rules in Trunk Configuration


    During the Enterprise Voice section of our classes, we define multiple Trunks in the Topology builder then publish to the Central Management Store. For those of you who have done this before that in itself is nothing new. What’s always the fun part is the discussion on how to configure the Trunk after you’ve published it.

    For this post I’m going to use the Control Panel to show parts of the Trunk configuration. You can configure this also using the Management Shell.

    First we have the Default Global Trunk Configuration:

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  3. Hybrid Cloud: Because Why Settle?


    As it continues to gain ground over local data storage, cloud computing gives individuals and businesses the ability to easily store and share data over the internet. And while a public cloud has better served the majority of businesses in the past, utilizing a private cloud has been shown to have tremendous benefits for certain types of industries.

    For instance, companies with a bevy of sensitive data might be more interested in a private cloud because of its increased security. Public cloud, however, is much more cost-effective.

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  4. Data Collector Sets

    Categories: Data Science

    Cliff Jones


    Data Collector Sets were added to the Performance Monitor tool with the release of Windows Vista.  They provide an easy way to capture a systems overall performance and also a way to generate alerts when an unfavorable condition occurs, such as running out of disk space.

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  5. Microsoft's New Recertification Process for MCSE - BI


    For MCT’s one of the requirements is to maintain at least one major certification.   When SQL Server 2012 was launched, so was a new set of exams, and it coincided with a new approach to certification.  Microsoft Learning decided that a major certification (MCSE, MCSD) would expire after 3 years.  Which, in my case, meant February 2016.   A few months ago, I got a reminder email informing me of the exact date.   Since I was already aware of this, I had already started studying for the MCSE BI upgrade exam.   This involved going to the web page for the exam, identifying areas I needed to brush up on as part of my study plan.

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