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Monthly Archives: February 2016

  1. EFS: Protecting Files at Rest

    Categories: Data Science

    When concerned about our data, there are a few aspects that matter more than others.  In security circles, this is expressed by the acronym: C. I. A.

    Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authentication, Availability, Auditing, Access control. (The A stands for quite a bit.)  Each of these is a legitimate concern, but we don’t always need all of them.

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  2. Planner: A Collaboration Application for Office 365


    As Microsoft continues to rollout the new and updated productivity programs of Office 365, professionals are discovering convenient and collaborative ways to get their work done.

    With products like Office 365 Groups and Sway, Microsoft is providing users with tools capable of doing complex tasks through a simple platform.

    And Office 365 Planner is no different.

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  3. Remote Desktop vs. Remote Assistance

    Categories: Microsoft

    The situation:  You are a professional who needs to control a computer that is NOT in front of you.  Perhaps you are away from your office, and need to access something stored on your office computer.  Or maybe you’ve received a call from a troubled user who needs your assistance.  The Windows operating systems afford you a few options here.  We’ll take a look at the two most common.

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  4. Create Dynamic Presentations with Office Sway


    PowerPoint has proven itself to be a wonderful tool for students and professionals, but let’s be honest, there’s only so much you can do to make your presentation unique and engaging. The platform can be limiting for those looking to add pizzazz to their proposals.

    But have no fear!

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  5. More Reports for the Masses from SCCM


    In an earlier article, I went through two useful ways to receive reports from System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager as alternatives to using the SCCM Management Console to run reports.

    Subscriptions are indeed a fine way to ensure that a report is available when and where you need it. Sometimes, however, a user might want to run a report just once instead of a regular update. For that we needn’t install the management console but rather have the user point his or her web browser to the Report Manager website.

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  6. Linux on Azure Certification: A Symbol of Peace

    Categories: Cloud Computing

    Google, Apple, Amazon….

    Microsoft definitely has its share of rivals, competing in everything from cloud computing to operating systems.

    Yet, when it comes to server administration, none of these technology giants poses a threat except Linux.

    Linux and Microsoft have long vied for the top spot among IT professionals for preferred server administration tools.

    But it seems the two are putting aside their differences for the greater good of the industry. 

    Displaying an “if you can’t beat them, join them” attitude, Microsoft recently announced a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Linux on Azure certification.

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