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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  1. Are Your Statistics Up To Date?


    This is not a personal question; it is about making sure that your SQL Server queries run at their most efficient.  So, I suppose I should first explain a little about Statistics and how they are used in query optimization before I explain the rest.  So, in this first part of the series, I will do just that.

    When you create in index on a table, SQL Server automatically creates a Statistic for that index and names it the same as the index.  In Figure 1 you see an example of this in a sample database I created called BurnsHoughton.   You notice that the index PK_CustID (Clustered) has a Statistic named the same.  I didn’t create that Statistic, SQL Server did it for me.  (There is another situation in which SQL Server will create a Statistic for you, we will discuss that later.)  

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  2. The Benefits of Teaching with Technology


    From Smart Boards to tablets, today’s modern classroom takes full advantage of technology and its ability to interactively connect students with their subjects. Teachers are looking for ways to provide an enriched learning experience for their students, and technology is certainly helping with that, but keeping on top of tech trends can be difficult.

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