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Monthly Archives: May 2017

  1. CASP or CISSP: How to Grow Your Security Career

    Categories: Information Security

    Daily news segments continue to reveal that Information Security professionals are in high demand. Data, whether big or small, is the lifeline of most businesses and they are willing to do what it takes to protect this information.

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  2. Is ITIL the Right Choice for Your Team?


    From a business management perspective, executives look to IT for help in keeping their business running smoothly and to maintain the existing operations needed to do so. However, these responsibilities can be a challenge for IT managers, who must also find innovative ways to improve business overall and incorporate new technical requirements.

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  3. QuickStart Attending InteropITX 2017 in Las Vegas


    QuickStart is thrilled to launch its flagship Master Subscription which includes 600+ online and virtual instructor-led training at this year’s InteropITX conference in Las Vegas this week. Representatives attending have had the pleasure of meeting with IT professionals from a variety of industries and discussing ways in which to optimize IT performance and career growth through an effective technology training platform based on artificial intelligence.

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  4. Redeem Microsoft SATV’s with QuickStart


    As a Microsoft Learning Partner, QuickStart is proud to offer courses to IT professionals looking for in-depth technical classroom training using Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV’s).

    Companies enrolled in Microsoft licenses with Software Assurance are eligible for these vouchers, which help IT departments deploy, manage, and support new software, stay current with technology, and enable easy adoption for end users—all without impacting their budget.

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  5. Why a CompTIA Certification Should Be Your Next Career Move


    Most IT professionals understand the importance of certifications in their industry. It proves to employers and hiring managers that you have a verified knowledge of a certain discipline, and that you’re worth their investment.

    But unless you have a clear idea of which IT discipline you want to pursue, it can be hard to decide which certification is right for you.

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  6. Not All Hackers Are Created Equal


    Hacker—sounds scary, right? Just saying the name draws up images of a dark character hunched over a computer, breaching firewalls and stealing countless amounts of data. And yes, these types of hackers exist.

    But did you know that some hackers are actually the good guys? “White hat” hackers are cyber experts who break into software in an effort to discover vulnerabilities and fix those issues. This type of hacker is also called an Ethical Hackers, meaning they have good intentions for breaking into these systems.

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