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Monthly Archives: June 2017

  1. What Is A Cloud Platform?

    Cloud Platform assumes the responsibility of “Data Centers on the Fly”. The reason for this comment is manifested in the elasticity of resources that can be provisioned near-real-time. Literally, you can spin up or down instances in a matter of minutes. Matter of fact you can copy and erect an entire Architecture Stack in hours from one region to another using CloudFormation without any formal procurement process. However, projecting, predicting and approval of costing from appropriate departments may be necessary.

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  2. What Does It Mean To Be A Scrum Master?

    As a part of the Agile framework, the Scrum methodology can help IT teams complete software development projects efficiently by improving communication and speed.

    By becoming certified in Scrum, professionals demonstrate that they have the adequate knowledge to keep complex technology projects on track and within budget.  

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  3. Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012

    The latest version of Windows Server, Windows Server 2012 deals with technological upgrades in storage and cloud computing. It includes enhancements in the graphical user interface, address management, active directory, Hyper-V, file system, storage migration, clustering, and NIC teaming. A practical introduction to the installation and configuration of Windows Server 2012 can be gained through a certified course that will impart you the necessary skills and expertise to implement a core Windows Server 2012 infrastructure efficiently. 

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  4. How to Monitor Applications in Microsoft Azure

    Developers and IT professionals have shown their trust in cloud hosting services like Microsoft Azure, over the years, to build, deploy and manage applications. With the benefit to build and deploy anywhere, using your own choice of tools, applications and frameworks, Azure has certainly aided in accelerating app innovation. This public Microsoft cloud computing service has allowed users to move to the cloud with confidence by providing enhanced scalability, flexibility, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings, ease of use and more -- all while cutting down on costs. 

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  5. Six Sigma Black Belt: Worth the Investment?

    Six Sigma is an advanced and flexible set of methodologies focused on improving the efficiency of corporate processes. Specifically, it is used in a variety of industries to lessen the amount of defects within those processes. While there are a few different project management methodologies out there, Six Sigma primarily focuses on minimizing variability.

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  6. Becoming the Storyteller of an Organization – HR Redefined, A Session with Mary Evans – QuickStart

    18-19th May 2017, New York, USA: Namely, a company providing an all-in-one HR platform, organized HR Redefined, a summit where HR professionals across the country huddled together to share their insights and learn from the industry experts. Held at the Namely headquarters in the Financial District, New York, the summit aimed to provide actionable advice with every session. Over 200 leading HR professionals attended the summit and some of the biggest names addressed the summit by sharing their vision through interactive presentations.

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