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Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. Why IT Training For Non-IT Staff Is Necessary

    Why IT Training For Non-IT Staff Is Necessary

    Categories: Business Productivity

    IT training of employees has become a significant part of the success and development of any business.

    In today's digital age, Information Technology is as important for small start ups and businesses as it is for large business corporations. With the world becoming a global village, basic IT training is essential for businesses to stay relevant in the market and to be able to invest in correct technologies and choose appropriate digital products and services for their business.

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  2. 6 Benefits of Web Applications Skills

    Categories: App Development

    With the growing technology and user base, the internet has found itself a host of web applications based on the latest standards. Although the purpose of each and every web application is vastly different, there are a few key skills that are a must for creating a successful web application. These skills cover all the areas related to web application development.

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  3. How to Improve Employee Motivation Through Technology

    How to Improve Employee Motivation Through Technology

    Categories: Business Productivity

    One of the biggest challenges business managers face today is keeping their employees motivated and engaged at work. There are several reasons why workforce motivation is important. Firstly, it helps companies to achieve their business goals and objectives.

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  4. ITIL 4: A Huge Update For The World Of ITSM

    ITIL 4: A Huge Update For The World Of ITSM

    Categories: IT Ops & Management

    For years, ITIL has been among the top-tiers of professional IT Service Management (ITSM) frameworks. Previously known as ‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library’, ITIL was first introduced in the 1980s. Any individual or professional who is associated with the IT industry can speed up his career progression by learning the ITIL framework.

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  5. AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud - Cloud Wars 2019

    AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud - Cloud Wars 2019

    Categories: Cloud Computing

    Companies are increasingly aware of the advantages of migrating their servers to the cloud.

    The cloud has become a resource that offers optimization of operating costs, reduces risks offering the possibility of lower initial investment, provides access flexibility, and the efficient use of resources.

    The offer of cloud services in the digital world is wide, and in most cases, it can be difficult to decide which type is ideal for organizational use.

    In the majority of the occasions, companies look for a solution to: create infrastructures, develop modern applications, obtain information from data, or manage identities. To do this, they often issue an assessment among the following contenders: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

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  6. AWS EBS: How to Enhance Performance and Reduce Costs

    Categories: Cloud Computing

    In the digital age, data is the new currency. Everyone wants to use it, save it and analyze it. Some even want to steal data, delete it or hold it for ransom. In each case, the goal is often using data for advancement, and for creating money-generating opportunities. However, like any currency, it costs money to store, protect and manage data properly.

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  7. A Deeper Insight in Cisco Routing and Switching Certifications

    A Deeper Insight in Cisco Routing and Switching Certifications

    Categories: Cisco

    Technology is continuously being developed, improved, and worked upon. With this continuous growth and development in the IT sector, networks are also getting more and more advanced and complex in nature. Therefore, the demand for such IT professionals who are trained and skilled in performing various networking activities is stronger than ever. Business organizations seek the services of such networking professionals and engineers who can successfully implement various networking solutions for their organization.

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  8. How to Build Your Career Around Microsoft SharePoint

    How to Build Your Career Around Microsoft SharePoint

    Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based enterprise collaboration platform, which is used to design, manage, store, and collaborate on content. Ever since its inception in 2001, it has transformed into a powerful platform of content services.

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