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Monthly Archives: December 2019

  1. coomptia network+, comptia network plus

    Comptia Network+ Jobs You Can Get

    Categories: Information Security , Career Driven , CompTIA

    More than 4 million new jobs will be added to the IT sector by 2027, signaling that this field has some of the best chances individuals have to secure a well-paying and high advancement career.

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  2. Windows server 2016 and security

    Windows server 2016 and security

    Categories: Information Security , DevOps

    In today’s competitive technology driven world it has become important for every organization to minimize the possibility of risk. Microsoft has made risk mitigation easier by designing a group of operating systems known as the Windows server. Windows server 2016 is the re-equipped version of Windows

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  3. SharePoint power user training - how to take employee to another level

    SharePoint power user training - how to take employee to another level

    Categories: Cloud Computing

    SharePoint is one of the most useful platforms for managing the organization’s network, websites, data and workflows. Choosing the right set of power users and providing them high-quality training in SharePoint tools is critical to ensuring that the best practices cascade to the level of teams and individual users.

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  4. azure certifications, azure developers, ms azure

    Best Azure Certification For Developers

    Categories: Microsoft

    If you are reading this blog, there is a high chance that you have some base level knowledge related to Microsoft Azure that you either gathered through you interest as a beginner in this field or in your job role that entails working with Azure based systems.

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  5. SharePoint Features You Need to Know

    SharePoint Features You Need to Know


    Microsoft’s SharePoint is one of the most widely used document management applications in the business environment. The package offers a range of features that allow users to organize their files, share them when required and locate them for various projects.

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  6. Enabled digital workforce will push your business forward

    Categories: Business Productivity

    Employees are a critical resource for every business. They are there in your workplace for a specific amount of time, dedicated towards gearing their efforts to achieve your business targets and goals. However, whether they achieve this or not comes down to just how well you manage to utilize them and leverage their latent abilities.

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  7. Educate End Users to Increase Efficiency

    Educate End Users to Increase Efficiency

    Categories: Business Productivity

    There are multiple types of technologies that organizations are leveraging these days to power better work processes and reduce redundancy. However, the biggest roadblock that organizations usually face when incorporating such high end technologies into their processes is the difficulty end users face in operating or working with these technologies.

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  8. Is employee training just another expense?

    Is employee training just another expense?

    Categories: Business Productivity

    Firstly, congratulations on being relevant enough that you need to read this article to make a very important decision in your workplace. The question in our minds is a very important one, let’s find the answer together and do some research.

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