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Monthly Archives: January 2020

  1. comptia, comptia security+,cybersecurity

    Security+ Certification Prerequisites, Cost, Skills, Job Prospects, And Salary


    Cybersecurity is one of the most important focal points for IT departments these days in the wake of rising cyber-attacks that include malicious ransomware attacks, zero-day viruses etc. These attacks can cause firms millions of dollars in damage in terms of data loss and system downtimes. Therefore, firms these days are looking to recruit the best IT talent in order

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  2. Top Help Desk Certifications for 2020

    Top Help Desk Certifications for 2020

    Categories: Business Productivity , IT Ops & Management
    The help desk is every organization's need these days. You ask why? In today's world, new technologies have opened communication at every level. Customers require high interacting suppliers and vendors who can solve their product related problems even after they buy.
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  3. linux hosting, windows hosting

    Linux Cloud Hosting vs Windows Hosting

    Categories: Cloud Computing , Microsoft

    Undoubtedly, Linux OS is dominating the hosting domain by holding nearly 55.6% of all web servers in 2017 and its accelerating ahead at great speed. Windows hosting on the cloud is still lagging behind from Linux, but popularity shouldn’t be the only reason you should base your choice on when you build a cloud server and are looking for an appropriate OS for

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  4. CompTIA A+ vs Network+ Cost, Comparison, Benefits

    Categories: Information Security

    The information regarding certifications offered by CompTIA out there is often confusing and incomplete, making it harder for professionals to make relevant and informed decisions. And the impact of a wrong decision at the initial stages can make the certification you opted for completely irrelevant to your work role. On top of this, the money and time wasted also

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  5. ITIL, ITIL founation, it infrastructure

    ITIL Foundation Certified - What Is Next

    Categories: Business Productivity , IT Ops & Management

    The ITIL framework was initially designed to solve the problems faced by organizations when planning their IT services delivery. This framework is robust and is targeted towards ensuring that the IT services of any business are delivered with lower costs and better optimization in order to benefit the end-user and the business itself.

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  6. comptia certification, comptia certification path, comptia

    CompTIA Certification Guide: Overview and Career Paths

    Categories: Information Security , Cloud Computing , IT Ops & Management , DevOps

    CompTIA is a globally recognized, certification body that has developed multiple courses to deal with skill and learning gaps in the modern-day IT domain. Individuals looking forth towards advancing their career in the IT industry can opt for CompTIA Certifications courses online and either brush up their core skills or aim for specialization in a niche-specific to their

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  7. (I.T.) Information Technology Jobs & Careers

    (I.T.) Information Technology Jobs & Careers

    Categories: Business Productivity
    Are you interested in choosing information technology as your career? Do you think you have what it takes to thrive in this industry? If yes, then this decade is yours.
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  8. ceh, ethical hacking, ceh certification, ethical hackers

    CEH Certification Prerequisites, Cost, Skills, Job Prospects, and Salary

    Categories: Information Security , Career Driven

    Hackers are becoming ever more advanced in their attempts to break into enterprise networks. For organizations, the success of these attacks means losses of millions of dollars’ worth of data and in other damaging avenues like system downtime. Certified Ethical Hackers are fast becoming the ultimate form of protection against such devastating cyber-attacks and the

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