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Monthly Archives: February 2020

  1. Configuration Management Data Analyst

    How to become Configuration Management Data Analyst

    Categories: Data Science , IT Ops & Management
    It goes without any doubt that every modern organization utilizes technological infrastructure (machinery, servers, automated facilities, networks, software, etc.) to provide aid to their processes. As the Information system [computer hardware and software], infrastructure and functions get complex, organizations struggle to manage and maintain the processes required to support these systems. This is where the need for Configuration Management [CM] arises. CM is a set of methodologies, models and tools which ensure consistency in the functionality and performance of the system and process.
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  2. Why Do You Need CompTIA Linux+ Certification?

    Why Do You Need CompTIA Linux+ Certification?

    Categories: IT Ops & Management
    If you are associated with the IT industry, then you must have involved yourself in the debate regarding the worth of Linux certification. For those who are not aware, Linux is among the best-known open-source operating systems. Not only is it widely known in the computing industry, but it is also known to be the most used operating system. As many as 47.4% of the websites around the world rely on Linux and the percentage certainly is impressive enough to compel you to start a career in this specific field (Source). Hence, many young individuals consider getting a CompTIA Linux+ Certification to be able to become a part of one of the greatest operating systems.
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  3. An introduction to Linux network routing

    An introduction to Linux network routing

    Categories: Cloud Computing
    Have you ever had a road trip with your friends? By using road signs, GPS and maps, it must be a comfortable journey. You should have reached your desired locations smoothly without misleading paths. Likewise, LINUX systems have well-designed tools and techniques to route data seamlessly through a network to the destination computer.
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  4. Tips to Secure IoT and Connected Systems

    Tips to Secure IoT and Connected Systems

    Categories: Information Security
    The “Internet of things” (IoT) term was coined by Kevin Ashton, the executive director of the Auto-ID Center in 1999. IoT refers to the billions of physical devices around the world connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing information. Thanks to the beginning of super-cheap computer chips & the ubiquity of wireless networks, it's possible to modify anything, from something as minor as a pill to something as gigantic as an airplane, into a part of the IoT.
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  5. How to Become an AWS Architect?

    How to Become an AWS Architect?

    Categories: Cloud Computing
    It is a dream for many young and enthusiastic individuals to become certified AWS architects. However, the decision-making process is sometimes disrupted due to the lack of guidance, information and know-how about a proper platform for learning what it takes to become an AWS cloud architect.
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  6. 10 Dying IT Skills

    10 Dying IT Skills (Tech Skills Heading the Way of the Dinosaur: 2020 Edition)

    Categories: Business Productivity
    The world of Information Technology is ever-changing and very fast-paced. We have seen multi-billion-dollar IT companies rise and fall in the past decade. There is a thing called the IT bubble, in which companies/technologies get fame for a short period and they are quickly replaced with a newer or more advanced version of similar technology. In the world of IT reaching the top is like a jackpot, which any new rising technology can hit, but remaining at that top position requires constant advancements. This is where true professionalism comes into play.
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  7. What are data centers? How they work and how to work on them

    What are data centers? How they work and how to work on them

    Categories: Data Science
    Data Center is a devoted space within an organization that contains computer systems and its correlated elements.
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  8. Learn project planning for beginners

    Learn project planning for beginners

    Categories: Business Productivity
    Is your firm planning to start a project? If the answer is yes, your firm is in grave need of project planning. There are millions of projects in process right now. Some may be visible for us that affects a broader audience, for example, a new football stadium in the city .and some may be very distant to our eyes like the formation of a new drug for COVID-19.In some of these projects, we can see the completion, but some may even not get to the completion phase and drift away. But one thing is for sure that every project needs project planning.
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