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Monthly Archives: April 2020

  1. A Comprehensive Guide to Linux Programming

    A Comprehensive Guide to Linux Programming

    Categories: Linux, Programming Language
    Linux was introduced in the early ’90s by Linus Torvalds, a Finnish software engineer, and Free Software Foundation (FSF). Since then, Linux has seen incredible growth in the market. The competent and consistent system is what makes Linux popular among competitors like Microsoft, Apple, and Android.
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  2. Employee Training with QuickStart

    Perks of IT Training with QuickStart for Your Employees

    Categories: Business Productivity, Career Driven, Learning
    The world is swiftly entering the digital era. The swift drive has led businesses to try a new approach in every department. Technological advancements in businesses have created intense competition in the industry. Be it, marketing or IT department companies are now adopting new technologies to avoid being kicked out of the market. As the latest technologies are being introduced in the company, the skill set required to run those software or hardware components is becoming a real challenge for the business. Keeping this matter into consideration, QuickStart has now started to provide online training to every department. If you wish to provide IT training, QuickStart offers all.
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  3. Planning the IT Workforce with CompTIA

    Planning the IT Workforce with CompTIA

    CompTIA is a leading IT company founded in the year 1982. The Computing Technology Industry Association is a charitable organization that provides professional certifications for information technology. The company provides certification to 120 companies around the globe. CompTIA certifications are categorized into four levels. The four levels are basic, professional, master, and specialty.
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  4. Become a Successful Linux Developer in 6 Steps

    Become a Successful Linux Developer in 6 Steps

    Categories: Linux, Career Driven
    Linux is one of the most renowned open-source platforms that is the heart of other platforms like Android, OpenWrt, Ubuntu, and many more. It has been a significant foundation, since the ’90s, for building software and developing mobile apps. Linux is truly a masterpiece that has a lot of potentials. If used right, it can create wonders for businesses in this era. But the question remains, why isn’t everyone starting a career in Linux? The answer is simple; it’s because it’s too difficult.
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  5. Top 10 Programming Languages for 2020

    Top 10 Programming Languages for 2020

    Categories: Programming Language
    As the world of programming continues to evolve, more languages are coming to the forefront for developers who work in different environments. Platform-specific programming languages like Kotlin and Swift are gaining in popularity, while mainstays like JavaScript and C still have their fans among long-time developers.
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  6. The Leader in Networking: Cisco

    The Leader in Networking: Cisco

    Categories: Cisco
    Technology never stands still; it is rapidly evolving and setting new and higher standards for everyone. Especially in business, it is now needed more than ever, and we can observe by the market trends and updates that Cisco is moving to toe to toe with this movement.
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  7. Career Growth with CompTIA Security + Certification

    Career Growth with CompTIA Security + Certification

    Categories: Career Driven, CompTIA
    The rapid growth in the IT industry has created intense competition in the market. Every business is looking for a way to improve its performance using the latest software and technologies. In this challenging environment, CompTIA has developed a new software for your data security. Data security is becoming a very crucial element for businesses. Organizations are using the latest multi-layered software to protect their data from theft or other damage.
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  8. Selecting a Cloud Technology Partner

    Selecting a Cloud Technology Partner; How to Do It Right

    Categories: Cloud Computing
    The delivery of different services via the internet is called cloud computing. The services that cloud computing providers offer clients are data storage, applications and tools, servers, databases, and networking. There are several cloud technologies options, out of which the two most popular technologies are hybrid and multi cloud.
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