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Industry Experts

  1. A CIO’s Guide on Information Technology Scope, Careers, and Challenges

    Information technology offers some of the hottest careers in the 21st century. We interviewed Sanjeev Jain, a veteran IT professional working in the capacity of Chief Information Officer at Integreon Managed Solutions, to know his thoughts on information technology as a field of profession. Based on his experience he reflected upon some facts that can provide direction to those looking to start or switch a career in IT. Since Sanjeev is a veteran, he comes with a broad knowledge and exposure in the IT industry, extended over more than 15 years.
    Read more »
  2. Cybersecurity Careers Landscape from an Expert’s Lens: Scope, Salaries and more!

    In an interview with Jay Schwitzgebel, Chief Information Officer at Modernizing Medicine, we uncovered answers to some of the most enlightening questions around cybersecurity as one of the hottest fields of professions in IT.
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