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  1. An Insight into Weather Forecasting using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    An Insight into Weather Forecasting using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    Weather forecasting is the task of predicting the state of the atmosphere at a future time and a specified location. Traditionally, this has been done through physical simulations in which the atmosphere is modeled as a fluid. The present state of the atmosphere is sampled, and the future state is computed by numerically solving the equations of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. However, the system of ordinary differential equations that govern this physical model is unstable under perturbations, and uncertainties in the initial measurements of the atmospheric conditions and an incomplete understanding of complex atmospheric processes restrict the extent of accurate weather forecasting to a 10-day period, beyond which weather forecasts are significantly unreliable.

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  2. Pitfalls to Avoid When Building a Big Data Strategy

    Pitfalls to Avoid When Building a Big Data Strategy

    The massiveness of a big data is what makes it so difficult to handle. However, the advantages of it are so great that every organization wants to grab a piece of it in order to enrich their businesses. When used in conjunction with AI, big data helps in deciphering patterns and understanding trends. The resultant information you get through big data can be applied to future ventures as well as managing risks. Its undeniable importance is the reason why enterprises pay special attention to their big data strategies. In case your organization does not have the necessary skills to handle big data, you can train your employees by enrolling them in big data courses online.

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  3. 5 Business Benefits of Hadoop

    5 Business Benefits of Hadoop

    Based on Java, Hadoop is an open source programming framework. It can be used for storing and processing large amount of data sets in a distributed computing environment. Part of the Apache project, it is sponsored by Apache Software Foundation and has become a major tool frequently used in the IT world. The increase in the requirement of computing resources has made Hadoop a viable and extensively used programming framework. Modern day organizations can learn Hadoop and leverage their knowhow of managing processing power of their businesses.

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  4. Is Hadoop Failing?

    Is Hadoop Failing?

    After its inception, Hadoop took over the IT world like a storm and everyone was raving about it. However, with time and after years of use, it still hasn’t reached its apotheosis. One of the biggest reasons for its alleged failure has been the inability of companies to fully utilize it. No one has been able to look beyond the horizon where technology meets present day utility, and hence, Hadoop seems like it is failing. But looking at Hadoop with the future in mind, there is a strong feeling amongst IT professionals that it will gain ground on the other contemporary technologies and reach its full potential in the coming years. It is high time for IT aspirants to look at this amazing technology with seriousness and learn Hadoop for a fulfilling career.

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  5. How to Use Twitter for Data Mining

    How to Use Twitter for Data Mining

    Data mining is the process of extracting data from data sources, and analyzing it with the intention of finding trends and patterns that can be utilized for decision making. It has a number of advantages, and is therefore used by many organizations of the modern world. In order to make the most out of data mining, companies are hiring employees who have done data analysis certification and are adept in analyzing data.

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  6. 7 Careers in Big Data and Data Science

    There is an ocean of data floating around. The variety and volume of data is growing at an alarming rate. But the true worth of data lies in how to we see, collect, and preserve it. The data revolution happening around us is helping industries from business to government, health care to academia revolutionize. Businesses have realized the criticality of ‘data’ and woken up to the fact that long term sustainability is not possible without effectively analyzing the huge amounts of data at their disposal and extracting meaningful conclusions and logical prediction out of it.

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  7. EFS: Protecting Files at Rest

    When concerned about our data, there are a few aspects that matter more than others.  In security circles, this is expressed by the acronym: C. I. A.

    Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authentication, Availability, Auditing, Access control. (The A stands for quite a bit.)  Each of these is a legitimate concern, but we don’t always need all of them.

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  8. Data Collector Sets

    Cliff Jones


    Data Collector Sets were added to the Performance Monitor tool with the release of Windows Vista.  They provide an easy way to capture a systems overall performance and also a way to generate alerts when an unfavorable condition occurs, such as running out of disk space.

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