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  1. 5 Strategies to Improve Your Organization's Cyber Security

    5 Strategies to Improve Your Organization's Cyber Security

    Hackers are new age thugs who specialize in breaking into security systems with the intent of stealing information. These virtual pirates use this information for breaking into the accounts of unsuspecting people and rob them blind. Even after repeated virtual robberies, organizations have failed to stem the flow of such events. Many institutions believe that it is necessary to inculcate the mindset of hackers in the people who are employed for thwarting their attempts. This has given birth to ethical hacking and a certified ethical hacker is considered to be a valuable asset for an organization.

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  2. Top 5 CISSP exam questions and their answers

    Top 5 CISSP exam questions and their answers

    According to a survey by PayScale.com the average salary of people who have done CISSP certification ranges between $85 thousand to $102 thousand per year, depending on their job profiles. A CISSP certification is perfect for aspirants trying to break into the IT industry and make it big. If you are looking to complete your CISSP certification training and pass with flying colors, the following exam question will help you prepare in the best possible way:

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  3. 10 Basic Cybersecurity Practices for Your Organization

    10 Basic Cybersecurity Practices for Your Organization

    Cybersecurity has become a major concern for many organizations because of the rapid rise in the number of cybercrimes. It has become very important to nip the security threats in the bud, so they do not transform into major hazards for your organization. In order to avoid security threats, an enterprise should invest in effective cybersecurity solutions. Hiring employees who have done IT security certification is a great way to ensure that your organization is able to follow security practices efficiently. The following are 10 Cybersecurity Practices that can help your organization greatly in evading online threats:

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  4. CASP - A Must-Have or a Nice-to-Have Certification?

    CASP - A Must-Have or a Nice-to-Have Certification?

    The internet is facing increasingly complex security threats with each passing day. As virtual pirates gain ground on cyber security via deceptive codes and backdoors, newer and more advanced security systems are getting obliterated the moment they land in the market. The repeated cracking of supposedly secure codes has turned into a recurring trend, which has put a question mark on the credibility of the IT companies and their security solutions. In order to stay one step ahead of the hackers at all times, cyber security firms are employing innovative and complex methods to bring a halt to this trend and safeguard the precious data in the virtual vaults of different organizations. The current crop of cyber security specialists has improvised with methods like customized hacks for troubleshooting the issues and have been somewhat successful in building solid solutions. However, the execution of such methods is quite difficult and requires advanced information security training for proper execution.

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  5. 5 Major Cyber Security Threats to Watch Out for in 2018

    5 Major Cyber Security Threats to Watch Out for in 2018

    This year has been marked by a number of high-impact cyber attacks. First, there were rumors that the US election was hacked, and while the hacking attempts may have been older than 2017, we will include it here because that’s when the news broke in to mainstream media. Then, there were ransomware attacks all over the world, and then there was the Equifax breach. All of that indicates a rise in cyber security threats, and one can only wonder what the next year has in store for us. The following is a list of 5 major security threats that can impact the operations of IT powered organizations in the year 2018:

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  6. How Penetration Testing Can Help Your Organization

    How Penetration Testing Can Help Your Organization

    The rapid evolution of technology during the last couple of decades has brought with it a number of challenges for business environments that rely heavily on internet-based virtual world operations. Depending on the type and volume of online interactions and services, the security requirements of different organizations vary greatly. Despite these vagaries, most enterprises employ standard security solutions which sometimes are unable to address all the vulnerabilities of a system, leaving them exposed to threats of hackers and viruses. This is a major concern for most organizations in the world and it screams for a solid solution. Penetration testing is an innovative way to nip potential security concerns in the bud. By hiring information security experts who have taken a certified penetration testing consultant course, you can ensure that your system is checked thoroughly for loopholes and vulnerabilities.

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  7. Are You Qualified To Become A Certified Penetration Testing Engineer?

    Are You Qualified To Become A Certified Penetration Testing Engineer?

    With the ever increasing number of hacking incidents, the need for securing information and data has risen considerably. Many solutions are available that promise complete safety from hackers and malicious viruses. However, these solutions do not take into account the overall operation and work structure of an enterprise. So, when these solutions are employed in an organization, hackers are able to exploit the limitations to infiltrate the virtual vaults and are able to get their hands on critical and invaluable information stored in an enterprise database. In order to resolve these flaws in cyber security, organizations have started making use of penetration testing. This has led to an increase in the number of jobs advertised for professionals who have done a penetration testing engineering course.

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  8. What Percentage of Your Budget Should Go To Information Security?

    What Percentage of Your Budget Should Go To Information Security?

    With the rise of cloud computing, mobility, software-as-a-service, and virtualization; there is a paradigm shift in the way organizations handle their business. Due to the increased involvement in online operations and web-based transactions, the focus is on securing the organization’s internet powered virtual space. The onus of determining the cyber security budget lies in the hands of the CIO, who takes vital inputs from the department heads before making the final decision. The senior information and security officers, who have done their IT security certification, are masters of their domain and play a key role in strategizing the budget. The collective planning of budget is the first and most important step in devising the security plan for the whole organization.

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  9. How To Become An Information Systems Security Officer

    How To Become An Information Systems Security Officer

    With ransomware attacks at an all time high, and roughly half of the US population’s data being compromised due to the recent breach on Equifax, organizations are focusing more and more on cyber security. Hackers are on the prowl like never before and they are looking for easy-to-infiltrate virtual vaults of cash rich organizations. This has created a pressing need for supervision, and organizations are employing Information Systems Security Officers to counter the ever-rising cyber threats. Becoming an Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) is the perfect profession for IT professionals trying to do some good in the world. If hackers are the real life equivalent of super villains, Information Systems Security Officers serve as the super heroes who protect organizations day and night. Equipped with nothing but courage and a CISSP certification, you too can become a superhero and make a comfortable living while doing so.

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