How To Install & Configure VMware Horizon View 7 Suite

What is it about cloud computing that is alluring organizations to shift their full workload on these platforms? It’s simple, the accessibility and the facility that cloud computing provides, not only cuts costs, but provides great ease for everyone as the data can be accessible from anywhere. On-premise machines can also be shifted onto these platforms so that everything required by the user is available in one space.

So is it a good idea to get a cloud certification these days? Absolutely! Since there is a demand for organizations shifting completely on cloud platforms, technical personnel who know how to handle, manipulate and generate data on cloud platforms is heavily required.

When we talk about cloud computing, VMware horizon is a very well known name. VMware horizon view provides a virtual desktop host platform. It efficiently uses system space the SE Sparse disk format giving a native platform GPU for 3D acceleration. The Suite also offers gestures and UIchanges that makes it easier for windows users and windows desktop applications handling.

Installation And Configuration

  • To begin, you have to launch the installer through the designated server, this in normal cases is the connection server itself. You will be directed to the license agreement which you can go through and accept the terms and conditions before clicking next
  • Like most installations, you will be given the choice to change the default directory to a directory of your choice.
  • By clicking on the Horizon 7 standard server, check the install HTML access box and select a network protocol of your choosing. IPv4 is recommended. Click next after this.
  • For the backups that will be created by the suite, you have to set a password, enter a password of your choosing then click next.
  • Enable all the listed firewall ports, hit next.
  • Specify a domain or user group, press next.
  • You can choose to be a part of the User Experience Improvement Program, if not, let it remain unchecked and move forward.
  •  Press install to get started.
  • Click Finish after completion.
  • For security server installation, create a pairing password. And launch from the desktop icon.
  • Use the set details to login.
  • Click on Servers, then Connection Servers, then More Commands and then Specific Security Server Pairing Password.
  • A pop-up window will appear from which you will be prompted to select a password and a timeout period before pressing Ok.
  • Login to the designated security server and launch same installer you used for the standard server.
  • Choose the Horizon 7 security server when prompted by the installation options screen and select the network protocol. Click next.
  • Enter the required IP address or Hostname, click next.
  • Enter the pairing password you had set. Click next.
  • Let the settings be the default Horizon version. Click next.
  • Click install.
  • After the installation, when you go to the main page, look at the security servers, it will show that the connection is paired.

If you complete a cloud computing certification, you can easily understand the requirements for installing, configuring and running the VMware horizon suite. Cloud computing training also helps to improve your efficiency and productivity when it comes to Deployment and upkeep of workload. The skills you gain not only make you an immensely valuable source to any organization in the world today.

What Does VMware Horizon Have To Offer?

  • Virtual desktops and apps all given to the user in a single package. Streamlined management on VDI and virtualization platform.
  • Adaptive and supportive user experience on all your devices from different locations, connections and mediums.
  • A simple one stop to all compliance and data security needs.
  • Virtual networking for data protection including infrastructure and workloads.
  • Desktop and app management with simple user interface and amazing accessibility. Reduces cost in the form of lesser operations, with easy installation and application.
  • Allocation of resources is a lot better with improved ROI and simplified management.

Cloud certification can help you learn all about the ease of access that VMware can provide for you and your organization. Seeking help to learn cloud computing can help you understand the latest trends in organizational operation and data management better.

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