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Creative & Design

  1. How To Become A UX Designer

    Maybe you've heard this term several times in your surroundings, or read about this expanding field. Possibly you're as of now acquainted with the advantages of a profession in UX design: satisfying and creative work, adaptability, variety, handsome pay, and the chance to work legitimately with genuine people.
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  2. What is Network Design? - Know everything

    Network design is the planning phase of implementing computer network infrastructure. It involves analyzing and identifying how effectively all the elements of an IT network can be linked together (from switches, routers, and servers to laptops, scanners and desktop pcs) to optimize operational efficiency. Network designing is usually performed by IT administrators, network designers, and other talent from the relevant field.
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  3. MobX Quick Start Guide

    We're sorry, an error has occurred while generating this content.

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  4. Develop Highly Interactive and Responsive Apps with Python Programming Concepts

    Today's generation can't think of a life without a mobile. It has eased our lives to such an extent, that regardless of where we are, we are always hooked to our screens. Various mobile app developers made the most out of this dependence our generation has created and launched applications to add further ease and entertainment in our lives. Apps are becoming more responsive and interactive by the day. In fact, the process of creating dramatic web applications development has become a thing these days. The variety of options are almost limitless, and it takes a lot of time and effort when it comes to making a choice about choosing the right stack or framework for a highly interactive app.

    So why should Python be your ultimate choice for app development? The quality, the long list of names associated with the web development program, and the features it has to offer are enough to convince anyone to go with Python programming concepts.

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  5. Web Typography Best Practices 2018

    Did you know that 95% of all the information available on the web is written language? A lot of thought goes into the graphics, interface, and style of the website, and the same amount of effort is needed in choosing the right typography. Let’s have a look at some of the web typography best practices for 2018.

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  6. How Responsive Design Works With Virtual Reality

    Ask any developer about the newest thing happening in the world of web design and development, and they will start talking about the use of virtual reality in web design. When it was initially introduced, VR was only thought of as a technology for games and movies but now it is being used in many fields, including web design. Virtual reality in web design will be a bigger deal in the coming years, so let’s take a closer look at it:

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  7. Everything You Need To Know About the Bootstrap Framework

    If you are taking courses to become a web developer, you may have heard about the popular framework known as Bootstrap. The latest version, which is the Bootstrap 4 has a number of exciting features and capabilities that make it easier to make new designs. The best part about the framework is that it is built on Flexbox.

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  8. Can Web Design and Development Be Automated?

    There is a lot of buzz about web development being automated in the near future. The word automation strikes fear into the heart of developers because they think that their jobs will soon be taken by bots. Some people argue that creative jobs cannot be automated, so developers have nothing to worry about. Before we move on to the discussion about web development being automated, let’s learn a little about artificial intelligence and how it is impacting our lives.

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