Enterprise Application Development Trends we will See in 2019

Application demand is an all-time high. IT leaders are facing different issues and trends to keep up with the industry pace. In today's world, our need for digital transformation has grown exponentially. Also, the transformation dominates the business decision-making and strategies, which leads to two very prominent consequences for Information Technology. With the demand for application trend and development growing at a rapid pace, the requirement for agility and speed has never been more important than this.

Every company that's a part of the IT industry is because of differentiation and innovation that it brings to the table. It doesn't work with the off-the-shelf packaged solutions anymore. This is where high-speed experimentation can be a little risky. Therefore, it is important to aware of the trends to ensure you offer custom applications there's relentless demand for.

Types of Apps Expected to be Trending in 2019

When we look into the demand patterns of the consumers, two major types of apps are expected to dominate the market in 2019. The first type features apps that are directly used by consumers and business partners, and the other apps support internal operations and processes of the application development - including analytics.

Here's a breakup of the information:

  • 45% of applications that are used directly by the customers
  • 35% of applications can be used as a support tool for operations and internal operations
  • 10% of applications replace business core legacy systems - varying considerably between security apps, the blockchain, and other similar types
  • 6% of applications that involve machine learning and AI
  • 3% applications involving IoT
  • 1% other applications

 Keeping these stats in mind, the key focus remains the same: staying ahead of the app development curve. The application development trend is becoming a highly lucrative area to operate in, and the only way to gain benefits out of it is you are able to match the pace. Ultimately, this leads to every web app, and mobile app developer needs app development training.

Training can help bridge the gap between your own idea of the app and what's trending - which is based on what the consumer requires from you. IT firms these days require their web and mobile development employees to have the updated skills and knowledge, and the best way to achieve it is to offer your employees the application development training sessions.

The App Development Trends Expected for 2019

Smartphones and other digital devices have become the ultimate extension of our existence in the past few years. And needless to say, this isn't changing anytime soon. Naturally, this means that every app development trend n the coming years will be related to these digital devices.

We use these devices for everything we do during the day - from clocks to alarms, music, communication, entertainment, work, and everything in between. According to the current records, there are more than 3 billion people around the world with their own smartphone device. Dig a little deeper and the people who are 25 and above use smartphones more than 260 times in a day.

And if you guessed that those in the bracket between 15 and 24 use it even more - you are right. If you break those statistics down, you will see how we are hooked to our phones and using it for connecting with different platforms all the time.

Applications that gain maximum exposure are those that drive innovation and new ideas. By introducing exciting app development trends, it is possible to engage the devices with your apps. Here are some of the most common tech ideas and trends that are expected to rule in 2019 and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not only making apps very exciting but also bringing an incredible amount of convenience in our lives. AI is all around us. And it is serving as a great benefit to businesses by offering exciting insights using advanced analytics.

Moreover, the technology uses cognitive interfaces to machine learning tech and complex systems. Hound, SwiftKey AI, and Microsoft Pix are some of the most powerful examples of AI in apps. This is a clear way how AI can make its way into apps and become significant.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Just like AI, we have encountered both virtual realities and augmented reality on a daily basis. Recall the time when we see the country flags overlaying the screen during sports events. Also, the time when you are watching a screen in front of you, and assuming it as real.

These technologies have taken entertainment and gaming to a whole new level. The new devices in the market supporting both augmented and virtual reality are also a great example of the growing trend. If an app is what you need for your business to thrive, these two amazing technologies can surely make a difference.

Cloud-Based Apps

The cloud technology needs no introduction. It is more than just a buzzword taking the industry by the storm. For applications, cloud-based technology can be a great contributor. Cloud-based apps will only grow with time.

The growth in demand is not only because of its growth but also the impact it could have on the internal memory of the device. With the help of cloud-based apps, the user can free a lot of internal memory and improve the phone's performance. Think of Google Cloud or Dropbox as an inspiration for cloud-based apps.

Wearable Apps

The market for app demand is diversifying for substantial growth, and we have finally reached a place where the apps are not just software in our digital device, but a thing we can wear.

The market is determined to offer the cost-effective availability of smart apps that can be worn. There are many fitness and medical-device apps available in the market to augment the use and demand for wearable apps.

Location-Based Services

Location-based tech applications are vast across event venues, sports venues, museums, hotels, retail outlets, healthcare, restaurants, and much more.

Introducing an app that help businesses and people with location-based information are going to be really trendy in the years to come.


The industry is constantly evolving, and new things will keep coming up. Tech is moving at warp speed, and therefore, the best way to stay in the game is to follow the trend and offer what consumers are actually looking for.Mobile or web application training is an ideal way to enhance your vision and make better decisions for your career as well as for the business you are working with. 

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