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Friday Buzz Report

  1. Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 17

    The weekend we were all waiting for is finally here. This week’s tech news round-up is focused on a cyber security threat we usually ignore, Edward Snowden’s new app, and cyber criminals being caught and punished by the law. Without further ado, let’s get to the 17th issue of the Friday Buzz Report.

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  2. Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 16

    Hello everyone. It’s Friday, and it is time for our weekly tech news roundup. Today’s Friday Buzz Report contains information about Microsoft adding an Open SSH client to Windows 10, how to protect your bitcoin from cryptojackers, the use of social media in social sciences, and artificial intelligence finding a new planet by scouring through archived data.

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  3. Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 15

    Hello everyone. Did you miss us last week? Well, we are back, and it is time for a weekly tech news round-up. While doing research for this week’s Friday Buzz Report, almost every piece of news we came across was related to AI, so we decided to make this an AI themed article. Let’s get to it.

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  4. Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 14

    It’s Black Friday everyone. The time of the year that you have been saving up for has finally arrived. Pro-tip, buy Christmas gifts for everyone today and save a ton of money. Then invest that money in yourself by getting some IT technical training (wink wink). Subtle segue into self-promotion aside, we are proud to bring you the 14th issue of the Friday Buzz Report today. This week, we are going to talk about Uber, Google, Net Neutrality, and IT training. Let’s get started.

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  5. Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 13

    Happy Friday Everyone. Was this a long week or what? We have been desperately waiting for this day since Monday, but enough about us, how did your week go? Well, your week is about to become a whole lot better with this week’s tech news round up. In this week’s Friday Buzz Report, we will cover news from Tesla, Apple, Fake News, and Scientists sending friend requests to random aliens. Let’s get to it.

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  6. Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 12

    Friday has arrived… finally. It took forever to arrive, but it’s here, and we love it. Before we dive into the weekend festivities, let’s quickly take a look at what happened this week in the world of technology. Let’s get to it.

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  7. Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 11

    Hey everyone, it is Friday. The weekend is just a few hours away and we can almost taste it. Before we start partying the weekend away, let’s catch up with this week’s tech news. In this week’s Friday Buzz Report, we are going to cover AIs, Google Drive, Tesla, and an exciting new development with QuickStart. Let’s get to it.

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  8. Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 10

    Hey everyone, it is Friday, and we have a bunch of tech news to cover in this week’s Friday Buzz Report. Before we start talking about the news, let’s take a moment to thank all of you who follow our blog and follow us on social media. We hit an important milestone in our social media journey this week as we hit 3000 followers on Facebook. Meanwhile our LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Twitter game is also going strong. Thank you for all the love and support, we will keep bringing any and all things related to tech to you. So let’s get to it.

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