Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 16

Hello everyone. It’s Friday, and it is time for our weekly tech news roundup. Today’s Friday Buzz Report contains information about Microsoft adding an Open SSH client to Windows 10, how to protect your bitcoin from cryptojackers, the use of social media in social sciences, and artificial intelligence finding a new planet by scouring through archived data.

Microsoft Adds OpenSSH Client to Windows 10

OpenSSH is one of the more popular suite of security tools to transfer files between computers. It helps in data encryption, transferring data through a secure tunnel, and user authentication. In the past, when people needed to use OpenSSH with windows, they had to install third-party applications. Recognizing the popularity of the suite, Microsoft has now added an OpenSSH client to windows 10. Read more>>

Protect Your Bitcoin from Malicious Miners

If you dabble in bitcoin, you must be aware of bitcoin mining and how it works. You must also use a software program to mine bitcoin. While the entire of concept of bitcoin exists today because the digital currency is secure, where there is money, there’s thieves. Malicious miners can gain access to your bitcoin by using javascript codes hidden in websites you visit on a daily basis. This means that even though you did not download a malicious program, the websites you visit on a daily basis can do just as much damage, and give these cryptojackers access to your device. So how can you protect yourself from this? You can use NoCoin. Read more>>

Can Data From Social Media Be Used to Predict Human Behavior?

Any student of social sciences will tell you that human behavior is unpredictable. There are a bunch of studies out there that statistically show what people are likely to do when put in certain situations, and how people behave at different points in time etc., but these generalizations do not mean a thing when it comes to individuals. Scientists usually conduct these studies by selecting a group of people and putting them through qualitative and/or quantitative means of data collection. Up to this point in time, there has been no proven way to predict human behavior with 100% mathematical accuracy, but that may be about to change.

A sociologist at Princeton, Matt Salganik, has proposed new ways to bring data from social media sciences to the forefront, and to use it to conduct studies in social sciences. You can read an interview with him here.

NASA Used Artificial Intelligence to Detect An Eighth Planet Orbiting Kepler-90

So far, our solar system was the only solar system with eight planets (as far as we knew). Now, a self-teaching AI has discovered an eight exoplanet, orbiting around Kepler-90, using NASA’s archived data on the distant solar system. Here’s a fascinating article about the technology that was used to analyze the data.

This is it for this week’s Friday Buzz Report. See you guys next week.

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