Friday has finally arrived, and those of us who live for the weekend are super excited. To make your Friday even better, we bring you the Friday Buzz Report every week without fail. So far, we have received incredible feedback on saving you the trouble of finding the juiciest news stories in the tech sector every week, and that only strengthens our resolve to find the most relevant stuff online and put it in one place. This week, we will talk about the smartphone wars, AI evolution, and the Google Play Security Reward Program. So let’s get to it.

Who Is Winning The Smartphone Wars?

Whenever big companies go to war, the customers win. Google, Samsung, and Apple are at it with Pixel 2 XL, Galaxy Note 8, and iPhone 8 Plus, and the competition is stiff. The Pixel 2 XL is being hailed as the best android phone out there, which kind of makes the Galaxy Note 8 irrelevant, but Apple is holding its own with the iPhone 8 Plus and the promise of iPhone X. Here is a detailed review of all three products. Read More>>

Artificial Intelligence Evolves Even More

We warned you about synthetic skin being developed for robots last week,  and an AI device called Aristotle the week before that, it looks like there is one news after another related to AI which shows how quickly things are leading towards the rise of the machines. DeepMind, a British Company, has developed an improved version of an AI, called AlphaGo Zero.

‘Go’ is an ancient Chinese board game known to be the most complicated game in existence. It is 2500 years old, involves a 19x19 grid, black and white pieces, and more possible combination of moves than there are atoms in the universe. We want to call it Chess on steroids, but that simply wouldn’t justify how complicated the game is – we will just let you watch this video instead.

AlphaGo Zero, the AI by DeepMind, not only taught this game to itself, it beat another AI by 100 to zero. Yes, you read that right, the AI did not study human players and learned from them, it taught the game to itself. We’ll just let that sink in.

You can find the complete article here. Read More>>

You Can Make $1000 Every Time You Find A Bug With A Popular Android App

Google has partnered with HackerOne to offer $1000 to researchers who can qualify vulnerabilities in apps like Tinder, Snapchat, Dropbox, and Alibaba. Yet another reason to learn ethical hacking. This is part of the Google Play Security Reward Program. You find a vulnerability, report it to the developer, you let them fix it, and report it to the rewards program so they can consider you for the reward. Read More>>

Bonus Read: An Article by our very own Ed Sattar was published in CEO Monthly. Find it on page number 9 here.

This is it for this week’s Friday Buzz Report. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any feedback, or if we are missing out on a piece of news you'd like us to feature here. Have a nice weekend and see you guys next week.

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