How to Learn From a Boss You Hate

People leave managers, not companies.”

An old phrase, with a deep meaning.

We all know why we apply for a job: a healthy work environment, a good salary, an opportunity for growth, and useful fringe benefits.

However, one factor that forced around 50% employees to resign from their jobs in 2015 was that they weren’t happy with their bosses. You’ll find similar stats in almost all the countries around the world, because people are fed up with listening to superiors who are always bossy and don’t motivate their employees. It hurts, but I guess we can call it human nature.

There is no doubt in saying that working for someone you hate will make your life miserable. However, if you stop going to work, you’ll be the one who ends up on the losing side with bills to pay and no source of income. So to avoid getting in such a situation, it’s recommended to deal with it professionally and sensibly.

There are many ways for you to put your hatred to the side and learn from your boss. Wondering how? Take a look!

Get To Know Your Boss Better

You can’t always get what you wish for! You’ll come across many people above you who follow an authoritative style of management and prefer work over everything else. That doesn’t mean they are mean or cruel leaders. They may be dedicated to working so much that they hide their emotions to avoid getting distracted. Another scenario can be that your boss may also have a cruel boss above him/her, whose instructions are to work in this unpleasant manner. 

To actually figure out the truth behind the darkness, you can try regularly conversing with your boss. Even a simple ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ can change the way someone reacts to or treats you – it's worth a try! Better communication always helps you learn more from your seniors and opens up the possibility of peer to peer training.

Be Diplomatic

Have you ever seen a group of politicians from different political groups reach an agreement? They hate each other, but they tolerate each other.

It’s pretty simple, whenever you have to confront your boss, think of it as a game in which your goal is to survive. Think of yourself as Petyr Baelish dealing with Joffrey Baratheon. Listen to what they have to say without speaking or reacting in a negative way. Remember, it’s a tough situation, but you need to deal with it in order to learn from them.

Look At The Silver Lining

Don’t ever forget the fact that the person you hate is the one who has either appointed you or hasn’t fired you yet. Ever thought why? Maybe your boss saw something in you! Whatever the reason is, you should be thankful for having a job in this economy. Take a look at the current unemployment rate in your country - thousands of people would do anything to be in your seat.

Instead of looking at all the negative points to gossip about with your colleges, look at the positive side and think for a second why you’re still the one working in the organization.

Step Into Their Shoes

I am sure if you spend a day in their shoes you’ll find out why your boss is so cruel to you. Your boss has twice as many responsibilities on their shoulders than you do. Instead of thinking of them as the bad guy in the picture, respect them and listen to what they have to say. You never know when they might guide you to become something better.

Observe Them

How did your boss react when confronted with an obstacle or a hard-to-solve problem? How did they solve the problem? How did they react to not achieving their goals? If you observe how they behave in certain situations and then take a look at the outcome of that behavior, you will learn a lot. Another good idea would be to connect with their peers, network with people working the same job in other companies, and learn from them.

To sum it up, bosses will always be how they are - it’s you who has to either adapt or live with the consequences. At the end of the day, they are your leaders and if you want to climb the ladder of success, following in their footsteps seems like a good place to start. That being said, if you start hating your boss to the point where getting out of bed every morning is a constant struggle, it may be time to look for a new boss.

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