How to Setup Active Directory in Windows Server

With support for enterprise systems, Active Directory is an authentication directory that offers contact information and scheduling integration. It also provides mechanisms for centralized desktop management and makes tasks like network administration simple. It serves as a one stop off-site destination for all the relevant information, and is quite scalable as it supports millions of objects in a single domain. The aforementioned benefit of active directory and the need for experts who can setup active directory in Windows Server has increased the value of Microsoft windows server certification.

According to PayScale, people who are adept at handling acting directory in windows server environment can earn anywhere from $79,276 to $102,519 in the USA. This is a handsome pay package and one should consider a career in this field for a satisfying profession life.

Setup Active Directory in Windows Server 2012

The following is the step by step procedure for setting up Windows Server 2012:

- Use the task bar to open the Server Manager

- You will find a Server Manager Dashboard, from where you need to select add roles and features

- Once Roles and Features Wizard is launched, it will allow for modifications to be performed on the Windows Server 2012 instance

- Choose Role-based or features-based installation from the Installation Type screen and then click on Next

- By default, the current server is selected. Click Next to proceed to the Server Roles tab

- Using this page, place a check mark in the check box next to Active Directory Domain Services. You will get a notice, which will explain additional roles services or features are required for installation of domain services. After that you should click on Add Features

Now you can review and select optional features to install during the Active Directory DS installation by placing a check in the box next to any desired features, and then click Next. 

Start Remote Registry Service

The remote registry service must be started before promoting the server to domain controller. For this task you need to perform the following steps:

- Click Start > Control Panel

- Right-click Remote Registry, which you will find under Services

- Open the Properties menu

- Go to the Startup type and then go to drop-down menu, and select Automatic.

- Under Service Status, select Start  

- This will start the remote registry service

Configure Active Directory

Upon installing the AD DS role, the server needs to be configured for your domain:

- Go to the task bar and open the service manager

- Open the Notifications Pane by choosing the Notifications icon from the top of the Server Manager. Click Promote this server to a domain controller.

- From the Deployment Configuration tab, choose Add a new forest. This can be done from the radial options menu

- Insert your root domain name into the Root domain name field, and then click Next and choose a Domain and Forest functional level

- Now input a password for the Directory Services Restore Mode (DSRM) in the provided password fields

- When booting the Domain Controller into recovery mode, the DSRM password is used

- Read warning on the DNS Options tab, after that select Next

- Enter a NetBIOS name and click Next

- Select and specify location of the SYSVOL folders, Log files, and Database. Now, click Next.

- Finally, click Next after reviewing the configuration options

The system makes sure that all the required features are installed on it before moving forward. It will give you the option to click install once everything is ready.

Once the server reboots, you should reconnect via RDP.

Once you have followed the aforementioned steps, your configuration of Active Directory Domain Services on Windows Server 2012 is complete.

The installation and configuration of Active Directory in Windows server are an important part of the Microsoft Windows Server Certifications Course. This will serve you well in your job as an AD DS administrator.

There are many individuals who are trying to make it big as a System Administrator. For fulfilling this aspiration, you need to be well-versed with all the basic concepts like installation of Active Directory in Windows Server. It is best to learn all the concepts through Microsoft windows server certification from the best institutes who have a solid experience in the field of IT training.

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