How to Test your JavaScript Skills

So you dabble in JavaScript from time to time, and want to know where you stand in terms of your skillset. In this blog post we have compiled a list of all the places where you can take a quiz and see where you fall on the Java scale.


Created by Rebecca Murphy, JS-assessment is a test-driven approach to examine JavaScript skills. The application contains a series of tests that are designed to evaluate the applicant’s grasp of JS fundamentals and carefully measures his/her overall knowledge of the language.

It is most prevalent among JS developers as Project Euler for JavaScript.

The questions cover all aspects of the programming language - arrays, objects and context, functions, asynchronous behavior and Backbone views.  

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a widely known and used Q&A community site for professional and enthusiast programmers. Created by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood, the site allows you to evaluate your knowledge of JavaScript by answering the questions of about 40 million programmers worldwide.

The site not only helps you learn more, it also gives a platform where you can assess and measure your knowledge against the opinion of peers, among which some might be well-experienced and conversant.

JavaScript Koans

JavaScript Koans is another popular online portal that is renowned among programmers for its interactive learning environment that uses failing tests to introduce candidates to aspects of JavaScript in a logical sequence.

The site not only lets you appraise your JS proficiency, but also lets you strengthen the skills. Based on Edgecase’s Ruby Koans, the JavaScript Koans aims to teach JS programming through testing. It presents the candidates with runtime error and a stack trace indicating of where that error occurred. It then asks you to fix the error.

This process is meticulously intended to help you test, learn, and strengthen JS skills. – JavaScript Subjective Test

This website incorporates different assessments for testing a programmer’s dexterity in his/her language of expertise, which includes JavaScript. There is a subjective test for JS that includes solving major problems of guesswork. To help participants, the site has launched “The Descriptive Test Simulator” that can effectively evaluate essay type answers, contrary to MCQ’s. Through its use, the participant will be able to write answers in one word, short essay, and long essay style.

The descriptive assessment engine assesses and provides results that are sharper and accurate.

It will assess you in as many as 16 topics including event loops, sorting, Ajax, local storage, form validation, etc.

It will not only identify your developing potential, but also job readiness. The site allows you to customize this test as per your personal requirements.


If you are someone who loves to take challenges, this is the platform for you to test and improve your programming skills. Codewars help you achieve expertise by training you with others on real code challenges.

Codewars is basically a bunch of user-made codes that range in skill level. For every complete or fixed code, you earn points. You can look other’s answers after you have completed the code. People vote on answers based on the intelligence, efficiency, and length of the code.

This helps you evaluate your ability and aptitude as a JS programmer. The discussion forum provides a platform to learn further and polish your skills. – A Cheat Protected Test

This online portal gives access to several JavaScript and related online tests that assess your knowledge of programming in JS and its main applications as well as front-end web development. Further, it evaluates your ability to implement that knowledge for best programming results with modern, dynamic, and interactive UI.

It claims to be an ideal test for pre-employment screening.

The tests are specifically designed to solve common coding problems and evaluate your understanding of JS specifics, such as prototypes, event loops, variable scope, and closures. You can take a practice test, set its difficulty level, and use it for screening.

This domain’s questions are based on small samples of actual work rather that academic problems or brainteasers, and is also cheating protected.

Candidates who score among top 25% get an achievement certification as well.

Other courses available here include:

  • HTML/CSS and JavaScript test
  • JavaScript and SQL test
  • Typescript and JavaScript test

Testing, strengthening, and sharpening your JavaScript skills can prove to be extremely laudable with thousands of job advertised each month for JS developers. The future is even brighter with the Bureau of Labor Statistics stating that web developer employment would grow a massive 20 percent in near future.

According to Glassdoor, the national median salary for programmers averages well over $75,000. In markets where the competition for top tech talent is fierce, the median salary can climb above $100,000.

Several online portals have been offering online courses that neither stretch for months nor require hefty fees. Dedication is the only key!

QuickStart – Your Guide to JS Proficiency

The JavaScript training program offered by QS is designed and developed in a way that takes its trainees from the fundamentals of JavaScript programming to advanced syntax, DOM, Event Handling and OOP.

This course is critical for anyone who wishes to make a difference in JS web development by gaining advanced knowledge about JavaScript, for both front and back-end development.

The self-paced learning style of this course does not rush you into mugging up codes or pushes your limits, in fact, it gives you time to understand the language and how to implement it for best programmed codes.

The candidates who wish to enroll in this program are expected to have good familiarity with HTML and CSS.