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Information Security

  1. Getting Started With AI & Machine Learning

    When the QuickStart team publishes information on the growth of IT career disciplines, we typically find many publications talking about job growth in the abstract. However, a quick Google search of artificial intelligence jobs shows page after page of paid Google ads seeking candidates for top paying jobs!!! Apple, Google, Intel, Accenture…all spend money to hire candidates for their open roles, except maybe Google (I have always wondered if they charge themselves to place ads on Google). There is no question that skills in both AI and machine learning are hot commodities and are only getting hotter. 

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  2. Mothers Returning to the Workforce Need to Consider IT Bootcamps

    In September 2020, when many schools introduced remote learning due to the pandemic, 80% of the 1.1 million people who left the workforce were women. Now that schools are opening their doors, mothers are returning to the workforce.  The IRS will begin the monthly Child Tax Credit payments in July, making it a well-timed government program for moms furthering their careers. Eligible families will receive monthly payments for each child seventeen and under (for more information, please visit https://rb.gy/7dsdzz or https://rb.gy/7aszhy). 

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  3. Top 10 Highest Paying Cybersecurity Jobs in 2021 and How to Land Them

    In this era, those experts who have innovative expertise in the field of cybersecurity are quite popular in the industry. In general, the beginning of jobs in cybersecurity is rise steeply. On the other side, while there’s a desperate requirement within the industry for the experts of cybersecurity, companies are dealing with a lack of candidates who have the necessary skills and knowledge to get fitted in the positions. All the same, at the extreme level, the relevant individual would earn over 400,000 US dollars.
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  4. What Is AZ-500? Cost, Prerequisites, Overview of Azure Security Certification Exam

    Cloud-based resolutions have been in very extreme demand within the past few times, and there is not any chance that they would be slow down in the upcoming time. Because there is an increase in the frequency of big size and well-established companies, educational institutes, as well as even big towns being affected by inadequate security-related attacks and practices. An individual must be familiar with the ways to suitably and proficiently secure the substructure of Azure cloud and that is what necessary for the companies as well.
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  5. How Much Do Cybersecurity Experts Make?

    As for the cybersecurity market, much of it is behind the growing opportunities. We forget how this can mean great opportunities for professionals. By 2021, the cybersecurity market is expected to reach $ 170 billion. Data from the recent survey showed that cybersecurity professionals earn about 9% more than other IT professionals, but there is still a shortage of qualified professionals in this field.
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  6. Why Cyber Security Certification can help improve your KPIs

    Cybersecurity KPIs are significant for undertakings to decide when setting up a security program. Hacking and digital assaults are the new beasts compromising little and monster undertakings the same. However, the absence of mindfulness about network safety conventions and practices has shielded numerous associations from embracing exceptional safety efforts. Indeed, even associations that have just actualized safety efforts are inclined to shocking digital assaults and hacking occurrences. These episodes are because of the carelessness of the key presentation markers (KPIs) of existing security and projects. Recognizing fundamental KPIs assumes an indispensable part in associations accomplishing the effective execution of their arranged security techniques and strategies. Similarly, recognizing KPIs is basic to ensure the framework, network information, and data.
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  7. How to Get into a Top Cybersecurity Bootcamp in 2021

    In the present technology-driven world, cybersecurity challenges flourish, yet a 2019 review uncovered that over 80% of businesses do not have an adequate no. of trained cybersecurity specialists. People who might want to enter this quickly developing field might need to consider upgrading their aptitudes with a cybersecurity boot camp. Some boot camps cover the subject in a summed up manner, some boot camps are barely centered around a specific part of the field, and some even get ready alumni for certification tests. Quickstart is here to assist individuals with distinguishing the right bootcamps that best fit their expert objectives and requirements.
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  8. Quickstart Offering Private Training for Information Security Certifications

    With malware threats at an all-time peak and nearly half of the data of the U.S. population historically breached due to the past Equifax hack, companies are continually focused on safety. Attackers are on the hunt as never before, and they are searching for cash-rich companies that can quickly hack virtual vaults. This has generated an overwhelming need for monitoring, and to address the ever-increasing cyber-attacks, organizations are hiring Information Technology Security Officers. For IT professionals wanting to do a little good in the world, being an Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) is the best career. Information Technology Security Officers act like the superheroes who defend the company’s day and night while criminals are the real-world counterpart of supervillains. You, too, will become a superhero and make a comfortable living while doing so, armed with nothing but confidence and a CISSP certification.
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