Is Scrum Master the Hottest Job in IT Right Now?

Is Scrum Master the Hottest Job in IT Right Now?

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In the IT world, technologies are always evolving. Old gives way to the new, and software developers and system administrators switch their attention to the latest fad in a hurry. One such fad which is developing into a long-term phenomenon is known by the name of Scrum.

Scrum is a methodology that allows a team to self-organize and make quick changes in accordance with the agile principles.  The word scrum is taken from Rugby. Just like a rugby team huddles together before a play, a software team comes together every morning for a stand-up meeting where they review progress and essentially restart the project.

Scrum Master: The Leader of the Herd

With Scrum, becoming extremely important in the software industry, the need for a leader of the scrum has increased. A lot of companies are ready to welcome a Scrum Master with open arms into their enterprises.

A scrum master is the facilitator for an agile development team. He has the responsibility of managing the process of information exchange. Primarily, the responsibilities of a Scrum Master are:

  1. Keeps the team focused and lays down the rules which need to be followed by team members
  2. Help the team reach consensus in the daily scrum. Goals and expectations are set via discussion for achieving a task in the near future.
  3. Removes obstacles that are slowing or stopping the team's progress.
  4. Protects the team from outside distractions.

Scrum Master: A Job with Great Prospects

In the beginning Scrum Master was considered to be a trivial post, however, it is now turning into a sought after job title.

For a Scrum Master, the average annual salary is somewhere in the region of $100,000. The profile of a Scrum Master is quite lucrative and in-demand.  The number of jobs for this category is expected to double in the coming year. Apart from IT industry, Scrum Master Job profile is increasingly becoming famous in the following fields:

Energy supplies: The scrum master will facilitate, coach and lead scrum teams within the engineering organization.

State government: The Scrum Master has the task of managing the activities of the scrum team, leverage agile principles, direct the development processes whenever it is required.

Marketing Company: Scrum Master develops the company's core product and he is also responsible for providing guidance to the team.

Financial services Company:  A Scrum Master is responsible for both facilitating team to be Agile and making scrum work. He also has to take care of hurdles and while promoting self-management within the team.

Due to the widespread use of Scrum Masters, this job has become the hottest in most industries. What makes this profile so attractive is the fact that there are no prerequisites needed for one to be a Scrum Master. Anyone in any industry can apply for the post of Scrum Master.

Challenges for Aspiring Candidates

While it may seem lucrative and attractive, getting into an organization as a Scrum Master is not easy. Developers, designers, project managers, testers and analysts working in a company are eligible for this profile. With so many eligible candidates in the fray, the competition for this position is intense. One has to stand out from the crowd by developing a skill set that impresses the decision makers and get him/her the desired job. A candidate who wants to get to this prestigious position needs to overcome the challenge by getting the best training possible. This is where QuickStart comes into the picture.

QuickStart: Taking Careers to New Heights

QuickStart offers the perfect course that will prepare you and provide you with the knowledge and skills required to pursue a Certified Scrum Master certification. The task of a Scrum Master is very different from a typical project manager. Scrum Masters need to have a good understanding of values, practices, and applications and provide a different set of expertise that is quintessentially different from the input provided by a project manager.

With an experience of almost 3 decades, QuickStart is definitely the place to take your Scrum Master Certification course. In the light of high competition, you need to develop a skill set as a Scrum Master which is better than the others. With QuickStart you will ensure that your Scrum Master Certification training is up to the mark. Nothing will be left to chance and you will learn from an experienced faculty that will give you its total attention.

If the course is upgraded within 9 months of you taking the course, you will get heavy discounts on retaking the course. This will allow you to stay up to date with the latest information at all time. Not many training institutes care for its trainees like QuickStart which makes it the perfect place for your Scrum Master Certification Course. 

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