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  1. UT Arlington's Cloud Engineering Bootcamp with Edgar Ayala and Course Report's Jess Feldman

    Jess Feldman, content manager for Course Report, met with Edgar Ayala virtually to talk about his experience with a university IT bootcamp. Ayala is a recent alum of UT Arlington’s Cloud Engineering Bootcamp powered by QuickStart (watch the full video here). 

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  2. A Beginner's Guide to Kali Linux Getting Started

    Kali Linux rose to much prominence when the concept of hacking piqued the interest of the young generation. Hacking was perceived as the cool activity in our mainstream society and this can be ascribed fundamentally to the TV show Mr. Robot.
    Read more »
  3. The Unlimited Benefits of Linux Cloud

    Cloud Linux is an operating system that is developed to provide a steady and protected operating system to the shared hosting providers. Features like enabling system administrators are what makes the cloud Linux a number one choice of customers. The cloud Linux ensures that the issues with the one account do not reduce the service quality for others. The lightweight virtual environment feature in the Linux cloud virtualizes the end-users accounts. The feature allows users to allot a certain amount of memory to each resource. Henceforth, in case of increased traffic, the specific LVE slows down rather than the whole system.
    Read more »
  4. A Comprehensive Guide to Linux Programming

    Linux was introduced in the early ’90s by Linus Torvalds, a Finnish software engineer, and Free Software Foundation (FSF). Since then, Linux has seen incredible growth in the market. The competent and consistent system is what makes Linux popular among competitors like Microsoft, Apple, and Android.
    Read more »
  5. Become a Successful Linux Developer in 6 Steps

    Linux is one of the most renowned open-source platforms that is the heart of other platforms like Android, OpenWrt, Ubuntu, and many more. It has been a significant foundation, since the ’90s, for building software and developing mobile apps. Linux is truly a masterpiece that has a lot of potentials. If used right, it can create wonders for businesses in this era. But the question remains, why isn’t everyone starting a career in Linux? The answer is simple; it’s because it’s too difficult.
    Read more »
  6. Boost Your Career with 5 Best Linux Certifications

    Linux, an open-source operating system like Unix, was developed by Linus Torvalds on September 17th, 1991. The operating system was initially developed for personal computers; however, since then, it has been ported to more platforms. Linux can also perform on an embedded system; this includes televisions, automation control, and routers, etc.
    Read more »
  7. The 5 Best Linux Certifications for 2019 and Beyond

    Linux certifications are quite popular when it comes to the IT world. In fact, these certifications can determine how far your career goes, especially now as the majority of the world's business servers run on Linux Operating Systems.

    Read more »

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