Seamlessly Manage and Maintain Enterprise Data Centers through Cisco Training

The modernized IT infrastructure of today has evolved into a vast distributed data center from a localized environment. Naturally, it is easier to understand why the future of data centers needs cloud support, powerful components, and hyper-converged infrastructure. At the same time, it is highly important for organizations to improve and maintain data centers to reduce overhead costs, increase workplace efficiency, and maintain availability to take care of the top priorities set by the data center admin. This is where you may need to turn to Cisco training.

The training involves real-time practical experience to enable individuals to deal with real data center problems and deal it with problem-solving skill. When an organization offers Cisco certification to its own teams, it does not have to deal with the cost of hiring foreign labor. The existing team gains the knowledge and skills required to boost the growth of economies and play a role in developing human capital through sharing and connecting.

Manage and Maintain Enterprise Data Centers

For any organizing running an inefficient data center, it is blowing a lot of hot air without gaining anything in return. Investing in Cisco training is more like adjusting to a cooling budget, which can save the cost of buying and running new hardware. Let's not forget how important data centers have been to the success of any business model, and this isn't going to change anytime soon. Thus, it is becoming crucial for organizations to learn and adopt different methods of deploying a data center and enabling processes and technologies to adapt to the radical shift.

In addition to offering Cisco training to the employees and garnering maximum benefits out of it, various other considerations must be taken into account for implementing a reliable security system and management process for your data center. While it is ideal to establish a security plan before you even set up data centers, it's never too late to implement effective security and management measures to make data center management seamless.

Here's everything you need to know:

Stay Discreet

Spreading the word about a product launch can be great when it is about gaining customers' attention. But with projects like these, it's better to stay discreet. Do not advertise the location of your data center. You may share the information with members of the organizations who are in direct use of the data center but letting the word out open can create vulnerabilities for potential criminal acts. This may be a little more challenging in case you are operating a colocation data center, or if you have a single website that contains all the facilities of your company, it is best if you avoid spreading news related to your data center as much as possible.

Restrict Access

Every organization has a data center. Staying discreet about that fact is impossible. However, you may be able to keep the building that holds that information a secret. Restrict access by fencing the data center. This also applies to the physical building that holds sensitive data related to your organization. You can even consider a human-crewed guard station. Regardless of the location or event, limiting access ameliorates the security concern to a great extent.

Use Surveillance Cameras

This is quite an affordable yet successful way to prevent trespassing. Surveillance camera offers a record of whatever happens in the area of coverage. Installing cameras without leaving a blind spot in sensitive locations can keep your data center secure and let you keep an eye on your IT resources if you suspect unauthorized access. The only drawback of this solution is the amount of information that needs to be managed. It is important to have a systematic and clear approach to manage the video records. Use this as a backup to deter intruders.

Authorize Access Only

In addition to the physical access, an organization must ensure proper security of data centers by limiting online access as well. Not every member of the organization should have access to sensitive IT equipment or rooms that house servers and other data. Having a tiered system in place can prevent unauthorized access from accessing networks and servers that could pose a threat to the maintenance and security of data centers. Such security in such cases may include passwords, identification cars, and even a biometric scanner for high-security concerns.

Avoid Flaunting

If you have the best system in place for data centers, it's best to avoid showing it off. It may be a huge accomplishment for an organization but sharing that pride could mean additional risk. Marketers may even suggest giving tours of the state-of-the-art data centers, but it's best to avoid it. These are potential security risks associated with such acts. You may invite over potential criminals, who are visiting with the purpose of assessing the details of your facility. It's best to maintain privacy in such regard.

Follow Strict Security Procedures

The best way to manage and maintain data centers is to deal with the security concerns. To ensure that, you must establish security procedures and policies. These also enable trained individuals to spot potential security threats in the system. Make sure there is proper documentation both for reference and training purposes. Security procedures may include reviewing and maintaining access logs, using a change management system, so on and so forth.


Data center security is a partial but very important component of the maintenance and management of the overall system. It is important to make the most out of the infrastructure by employing it properly. The trained individuals will not only set strong security procedures but also ensure the processes are carried out smooth and hassle-free. The only way malicious threats can exploit your weaknesses is if you let them in. Thus, it is essential to make security a part of strong data center management. Follow the tips and use as many fencing and protecting tips as you can to avoid expensive losses - both regarding reputation and money.  

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