Everyone has a dedicated corporate email, isn't that so? Alongside email, a large portion of our work in the corporate world depends on our schedules, spreadsheets, pdf, and word documents to complete our tasks. These tools make associations all over the U.S. talk of the town due to their success stories.

In any case, the corporate workforce isn’t restricted to the US only, it has become worldwide. Individuals are working from anywhere on a wide range of gadgets. We don't sit in work areas any longer with our laptops before us. As the workforce has advanced, the basic profitability toolkit has evolved as well. Not just have the tools like email become progressively versatile, they've needed to turn out to be increasingly community-oriented.

Numerous ventures have proceeded toward on-premise email functionality to the cloud and in a considerable lot of those cases, this became possible because of Microsoft Office 365.

Role Of Office 365 In Day to Day Work

After six years of launch, Microsoft's Office 365 is one of the most famous enterprise cloud services, as mentioned in the recent report by Skyhigh Networks. It's assessed that one of each five corporate workers (20 percent) utilize Office 365 cloud services. In addition to this, Office 365 has 70 million active users, speaking to around 6 percent of its complete 1.2 billion office users.

Apart from having the latest updated version of MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, OneDrive for Business, Access, Sharepoint, and Skype for Business, Enterprise clients refer to following reasons behind using Office 365:

  • Remote Access
  • Reliability
  • Security

Aside from having the latest updated versions of MS Office 365 suite, office workers have a wide scope of tools available to them. How about we investigate a portion of those features to see how they can profit the normal worker. So what accompanies it and how do those features have any kind of effect in your everyday work?

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It's implied you get an email, yet Office 365 is truly intended to be an online productivity tool to assist you with teaming up and communicate safely over any gadget. Likewise, content can be shared and managed between different users at the same time.

There are 5 cool yet underutilized tools in Office 365 other than the email that the normal client could conceivably be exploited on a reliable premise or may not know about.

5 Underutilized Services in Office 365

1- Manage Your Video Content With Ease

Stream is an application that can keep all the video content of your organization in one spot. Consider it an upgraded form of YouTube. It is viewed as optimized since it accompanies some cool features notwithstanding transferring video recordings and making channels.

A few advantages of Stream include:

  • It accompanies speech-to-text, auto-generated subtitles.

 It has face detection features to fetch relevant content rapidly and without any problem.

  • Users can stream live content that can be viewed by the entire organization.
  • It can be effectively integrated with other Office 365 applications like Teams (which simply stores on stream or embeds a video from Stream in a PowerPoint presentation).
  • It has a ton of storage. An organization can get 500 GB of storage to begin with and can get an extra 0.5 GB storage per client. The storage limit can generally be expanded with an additional cost.

Stream comes free with MS Office 365 suite.

2- Aid Your Internal Investigation Process

Albeit most organizations want to never be in a position where a legal move is made by a customer, seller, or worker, the assignment of recouping and overseeing proof can be overpowering for anybody. eDiscovery can look through content across Office 365 to source prove and deal with the internal investigation process for civil litigations. This incorporates content from Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Office 365, Skype, and Teams. It examines email messages, documents, photographs – including text from pictures, and other pertinent information to give the caseworker a careful gathering of proof.

Advanced eDiscovery assists the investigation process by recognizing data that is duplicate and presenting additional cases - significant data by anticipating what the client is searching for.

3- Take Collaboration to the Next Level

Collaboration suites have substituted the requirement for everybody to be in one physical area and unlimited floods of emails. What else do you need in the time of a global pandemic? You don't need to pay a month to month expense for a full-featured solution. SharePoint makes space for colleagues to share files, manage projects all the more effectively, and communicate whenever they need to.

Since it's intended to work with Office 365, it will be much easier to use than third-party tools you may pay to add to your system. If you have bought at least 50 seats of Office 365, you'll fit the bill for FastTrack onboarding of your group to SharePoint.

Microsoft will relocate your workers to the solution and work with you to ensure everybody is associated. You can likewise enjoy SharePoint training through Microsoft office 365 certification. Once set up, your group will have the option to use the tool whether they're situated in their work area or in a hurry, because of the mobile application. 

4- Channel Your Work Energy With Microsoft MyAnalytics

This tool gives you how you're investing your work energy: everything from how much time you're spending on email to who you team up with the most, alongside other timetable hogs like what number of meetings you go to seven days. The tool is divided into a couple of segments: Email, Your Time, Meetings, Network, Focus Hours, After Hours. You might think you don’t need it now, but what you’ll do when you’ve several consecutive meetings? You might need this feature then.

5- Manage Your Time With Microsoft Planner

Is your team geographically scattered with simultaneous tasks and deadlines due simultaneously? This tool can rapidly transform your task management process into the advanced one. Planner gives clients a visual method to sort groups. It gives four primary functions: flexible categorization, an information hub, communication, and insights. Planner’s users can make plans, collect and dole out projects, share files, speak with different clients in the group, and get progress updates.

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To summarize

Remember these Office 365 applications exist is just stage 1. Utilizing and exploiting these applications can help decrease expenses and increment profitability as well as productivity. These applications can be integrated which can incredibly improve the efficiency of your association.