NetApp Training Can Boost Your Company's Hybrid Cloud Data Strategy

Data clouds are becoming a force to be reckoned with. They are innovative, unstoppable and are transforming the way business view and use data. This increasing dependency of businesses on cloud data storage is what gives NetApp an opportunity to design products that can be implemented and consumed in the cloud. Businesses rely heavily on their data because in today's day and age data is one of the most valuable resources in the world. Relevant data is the backbone of any business and ventures that use data to gain valuable insights to shape the future.

As we move towards advanced technology and innovation, companies are looking at wholesome ways in which they can store and access their data. One of the ways that are making way in the market is Hybrid cloud data storage strategy. This provides the businesses with a number of benefits which are briefly mentioned below:

  • It is the most flexible, affordable, and powerful storage system that is being offered in the industry today.
  • It allows the companies to use a private, on-premise cloud to store critical and sensitive data while using a public, third-party cloud to host less sensitive information.
  • It is ideal if your business is dynamic and have a highly variable workload.
  • Hybrid cloud data strategy is also ideal for a business that needs big data processing.
  • It also allows you to use a variety of IT services according to your needs and cost-effectiveness.

The key to effectively using hybrid data strategy is to be able to move across the data with ease and managing that data across multiple locations. Hybrid data allows companies to seize the opportunities that are presented by a wide range of data and to unlock its potential so that you can use it to get ahead of your competition. This is the part where NetApp comes in. NetApp provides you with solutions that will help you in utilizing your hybrid cloud strategy to its fullest capacity. It is the number 1 data service provider and has a partnership with all the biggest public cloud services such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Service (AWS), and Azure.

In a hybrid infrastructure where your data is spread amongst multiple tools and multiple teams, this wide array of data can make it difficult to find a solution to any problem that arises within the systems. This is the reason why high performing, IT teams need a single tool that can gather data across multiple tools. NetApp is that tool which provides all in one solution to all your data needs whether it is on-premise, on a public platform, or both.

NetApp training and certification such as Integrating Hybrid Clouds with NetApp Data Fabric

provides you with data insights that will help you stay ahead of your game. It will also help you in planning your investments based on the current trend analysis. NetApp helps you in identifying orphaned or misused resources that can help you in optimizing the cost.

Now you might be wondering how is this cost effective if you have to hire a team of IT techs to help you analyze, protect, utilize your data, and implement NetApp tools. Well, you don’t have to do any of that. All you need to best utilize your data with the help of NetApp is to get NetApp training. You can get your own in-house team trained and certified to reap all the benefits mentioned above provided by NetApp. NetApp training will help you with managing your costs as well as your data across your hybrid data storage systems.


Getting trained in NetApp and its tools will help you get a certification, which in turn will increase your industry recognition. Getting a certificate means that you have proven your expertise and knowledge along with a wide range of NetApp content delivery and storage technologies. 

Career Growth

Getting certified will guarantee career growth. Whether you work for a company or you run your own business, getting certified is going to take you places. You can use this certification to climb up the job ladder, or you can implement this knowledge to your own business and reap the benefits of a wide range of NetApp tools. By training your staff, you will make sure that you have an in-house team of certified experts to manage all your cloud needs.

Return on Investment

Getting enrolled for any course be it online or onsite is an investment in yourself. Whether you get this training yourself or you train your staff, you are going to see a return on this investment in a very short period of time. Trained staff will be able to best meet the need of your organization in implementing and utilizing NetApp technologies

Proactive Solutions

NetApp provides a variety of tools that help you find proactive solutions to problems that you might face in the future. Getting trained means that you will be able to utilize all these solutions to maximize your benefits.

Reduction in Support Cost

Training your own staff about how to manage and customize your data means that if and when any problem arises, you will need minimum outside support. You will not have to hire any technicians because your staff will be trained enough to manage and rectify all the problems themselves.

Qualified staff

Investing in your staff means qualified, motivated, and trained staff that will be willing to take on and rectifies any problem that might arise. They will not only able to provide solutions to the problems but will also be able to provide you with more innovative ideas to keep up with the changing market trends.

NetApp training and certification enables the team to make the most out of many useful tools such as Capacity Calculators, Hardware Universe, Power and Cooling Calculators, and SANtricity Simulator. All these tools help you with different data storage strategies. Whether your company has a hybrid, public, or private data, NetApp have tools that will help you no matter which storage strategy you implement in your company. 

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