The world of software and operating system has been an ever evolving place with frequent updates that keep on changing the landscape of the IT industry. The System Center 1702 Update is one such update that includes new features and product enhancements for Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS. A lot of these enhancements are designed for organizations that are going through a digital transformation. These enhancements will help in modernizing IT infrastructure, policies and processes.

Features of System Center 1702 Update:

The update for configuration manager comes with many features which are aimed at facilitating the operations. Below is a list of some of the best features of Configuration Manager Update 1702.

1. Hardware Inventory and UEFI

The task of collecting device UEFI information now rests with Hardware inventory. Under the hardware inventory classes, an option for a new hardware inventory class (SMS_Firmware) is provided. By default, this setting is enabled. When a computer is booted in the UEFI mode, the UEFI property is set to TRUE.

2. Improvement in the Management of Office 365 Client

Installation of the Office 365 client is improved with the new update. A new option is provided under client agent settings > software updates. This option when enabled allows you to manage office 365 client agent. It lets you configure Office 365 installation settings and deploy the files as an application in Configuration Manager.

3. Express Installation Files for Faster Installation of Windows 10 Updates

With Microsoft System Center update, SCCM supports express installation files for Windows 10 updates. The express installation files are small and also install quickly. This allows you to download only the changes between the current month’s Windows 10 Cumulative Update and the previous month’s update, making the process a lot quicker than before.

4. Option for Sending Feedback directly from the Configuration Manager console

When you will open the configuration manager, you will find the feedback option at the top ribbon of configuration manager console. You can also get to this option by right clicking any of the items. Once you hit Feedback, a browser is opened, which redirects you to configured user voice feedback site.

5. Device health attestation data managed through Management Points

With this update, you get an option to validate device health attestation data through management points. The option can be found under Management point component properties > Advanced Options. For configuring on-prem device health attestation service URL, you can click Add button and provide the URL.

6. Software Update Points and Boundary Groups

Now, it is possible to find software update points using Boundary Group associations. Upon adding the SUP to the boundary group, the clients looking for new SUP will first look for SUP in the associated boundary group.

Challenges for System Administrators and System Programmers

The system programmer has the responsibility of installing, customizing, and maintaining the operating system. He is also given the task of installing updates and upgrading products that run on the system. With the release of update 1702, the system administrators and programmers have the additional responsibility of making sure the system runs the best after the install of the updates.

The companies will also expect to make use of all the new features provided by the update 1702. Hence, a system administrator needs to have the training for this update. Without proper training, the challenge for a system programmer will only increase and the task may become daunting for some.

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