Common Errors with Office 365 and Their Solutions

A business setup, right from its commencement, requires a flawless administration so that work done can be recorded in the most comprehensive way. Microsoft has always been at par with the latest technology, and one of its latest offerings is Microsoft Office 365 (O365). A leading data-entry and management software, it makes the life of a business easy.

Office 365 and Some Common Errors

Office 365 features many products and services, which can be accessed, configured, and managed through an online portal. Users can be added and configured manually. While going through its applications, many common errors occur, to which users usually have a hard time troubleshooting. Let’s take a look at some common errors that can be learnt via enabling and managing Microsoft Office 365 course.

Installation Errors

Let’s start by talking about errors related to installations. When using Office 2016 on Windows, Office 365 can be installed using a "click-to-run" system, which enables users to start using the applications instantly as a file stream in the background. The software automatically installs required updates, which also include security updates.

While Microsoft Office 365 has many tools that are available on many internet browsers, many companies still choose desktop versions of popular Office programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The desktop version can be used for free. Here are some errors that a user may face while installing O365:

Account Sign-in

Most users say that they don’t know how to sign-in to use O365. The solution is simple: While using a Home, Personal or University account of Office 365, use the email address and password linked to your personal copy of the software. As an email address can be used to login to the Microsoft account, you can make it your primary email address for Outlook, Hotmail, and Gmail. When using a work or school account, which is Office 365 for business or education, use the username and password that you created or utilize the one that someone else created for you.

Operating System Compatibility Error

Your Office 365 won’t function with Windows XP and Vista. So, you must ensure that your PC has Windows 7 or above.

Taking So Long to Install

If your Office 365 is taking too long to install, check if a previous version of Office is already installed on the PC. If an older version is found, O365 will take more than usual time to complete the installation. Also, you can try turning off the antivirus software installed temporarily, to see if it makes a difference to the speed of installation.

A Pop-up Comes Up, Saying Another Installation Is in Progress

If this error occurs, start troubleshooting by restarting your PC. However, if the problem persists, manual termination of the OfficeclickTorun.exe task is required. You can perform this step by using the Task Manager.

Install Button Turns Dysfunctional

Freezing of the install button can occur due to several issues: if Office is already installed on the system; if there are too many temporary internet files; if there are too many add-ins, extensions and plugins on your internet browser. You can also try resetting your browser settings.

After the installation is done, users may come across deployment and usage errors related to:

  • Migration
  • Unrealistic design decisions regarding on-premises vs. cloud
  • Failure to ensure prerequisites
  • Choosing the wrong plan, derailment during legacy archive export
  • Grinding to a halt during data import

The solutions to all the aforementioned problems can be found easily over the Internet.

Learning and understanding Office 365 is possible with the help of a lot of courses available in the market. QuickStart offers an easy way to learn the nuances of Microsoft O365 so that you never have to spend time looking for troubleshooting tips again on the Internet. After doing the Enabling and Managing Microsoft Office 365 course, you will be able to understand the management of deployments and customization of components that you want to deploy to a tenant of Office 365. You will study the steps to monitor your Office 365 clients using built-in telemetry tools for IT professionals.

The average annual salary for a Microsoft O365 administrator is $81,706 per year. After completing the Enabling and Managing Microsoft Office 365 course at QuickStart, you can grow extensively in your career path.

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