Microsoft Training Options for People Interested in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an uber-significant aspect of our technological present, as well as future; which is why Microsoft now has training options for people interested in this principle of study.

According to Susan Dumais, assistant director and scientist at Microsoft Research AI, the program’s primary purpose is to fill knowledge gaps in workers where artificial intelligence is involved. She added that artificial intelligence is almost everywhere, and plays a very important role in how Microsoft’s products are designed and delivered. The tech giant is interested in helping people understand systems that use artificial intelligence as the core component.

Microsoft’s AI-based Training

Microsoft’s training related to artificial intelligence is open to all and includes internal offerings to employees such as tech experts and software engineers to external ones with various levels of expertise. Microsoft NERD Artificial Intelligence Program and  Microsoft AI Residency Program is perfect for those who wish to learn about artificial intelligence while working viz a viz designers, researchers, as well as scientists.

The Microsoft Professional Program in AI is quite popular, as it presents a good outlook of the company’s AI-training initiatives. The program has a semester style system that introduces candidates to new tools, alongside training and mentoring from experts of the field. In addition to this, the candidates will get exposure to machine learning and how it is used in different products and services. According to Dumais, the AI program is one of its kind, as candidates get the opportunity to work with AI experts and learn about the latest technology and algorithms.

Learning about Microsoft’s Professional Program in AI

The courses offered by Microsoft help people learn about different applications as well as programs that can be developed by incorporating AI. Some examples include interactive bots in B2C websites that can answer basic questions and queries put forward by a person. These bots are designed and trained to detect vocabulary that fits well with the website’s target audience. The programs teach people how to work with data that would help them work with machine learning models used for interactive bots.

The learning track includes nine skills that are learnt anywhere between eight to sixteen hours. Some of the topics discussed include basics of AI, different types of machine learning models, basic AI ethics, various programming languages and much more. This is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for candidates, as they get hands-on experience by doing lab work and submitting a capstone project that is a practical demonstration of all the theories learnt during the course. People who get their capstone project approved will be able to add the course to their CV and improve their chances of getting better work opportunities.

Microsoft’s professional program has been created to help people learn skills that they can use in their jobs. The program is suitable for people who are committed to learning more about AI. According to the experts at Microsoft, it takes a few months to learn all the basics, although the duration and complexity is practically rewarding in the end.

Learning about the Courses Offered

The AI track has 10 required courses that takes 8 to 16 hours each, to complete. The price per course is $99 or $990 for the entire program. As a candidate you will be doing the following things:

  • Build Machine Learning Models
  • Build Reinforcement Learning Models
  • Consider Ethics for AI
  • Develop Applied AI Solutions
  • Get exposure to Azure Machine Learning
  • Learn about computer vision
  • Learn data analysis
  • Learn Math and Stats-related ethics
  • Operationalize AI Solutions
  • Understand natural language processing and speech recognition.
  • Use Python to work with Data

Courses Offered

Here is a list of all the courses that are offered by Microsoft:


It is important for the candidates to know that these courses are not free and require you to buy the for each course. However, you can sign up and audit them completely free of cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Microsoft Professional Program?

It is a collection of courses that helps candidates get an in-depth understanding about the subject matter, and advance, career-wise.

Why Should I be a Part of this Program?

Anyone who wants to keep up with the latest changes in technology can be a part of this program as it gives them a chance to learn theory and apply it practically in the capstone project.

How Can I sign Up for the Program?

In order to sign up for the program, you can visit and get all the details from there.

Are the Courses Available Worldwide?

The courses are available in places that have access to At the moment, they are only available in English.

Can the Courses be Taken in Any Order?

Yes, they can be taken in any order.

What is the Capstone Project?

In the capstone project, you will get to practically apply the skills that you have learnt during the course.

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