Preventing IT Help Desk Setbacks through IT Ops Training

The IT help desk of today makes use of various technologies and information systems in order to streamline IT-related processes throughout the host enterprise. This is done while also serving as a support net and helping hand to all the employees within the organization. This is a tremendous responsibility, handled by only the most proficient and professional individuals with dedicated expertise related to help desk responsibilities and technologies.

While the modern IT help desk is more advanced and capable than its predecessors, it usually falls short of the increasing number of challenges and technological issues that arise on a daily basis inside modern enterprises; for the most part. Every day we hear of an IT helpdesk that has been stumped by a particular problem and is unable to solve it. This forms perhaps the most major challenge facing IT help desks and it also presents a tremendous opportunity to streamline helpdesk processes and prevent setbacks in the future.

All of the above come with the very notable predictions that enterprise IT helpdesk staffing will increase in terms of number of IT staff, in 36% of the cases, according to one report. This is not surprising, since technology is moving at a very rapid pace and enterprises are introducing new tech features in their structural framework at blinding speed. While this is progressive in nature, the idea of bringing in a lot of technology without first training the IT staff to troubleshoot said technology, can prove to be problematic in the future.

To that end, in this article, we will be discussing some of the most common IT helpdesk setbacks and find out how IT ops training and ITSM certification can help overcome them.

Technological Inadequacy

This is perhaps the most common setback that enterprises encounter in terms of their IT helpdesk, especially since the advent of cloud computing. Traditional IT helpdesks have been trying to utilize the traditional on-premises infrastructure and understand it optimally to solve any and all problems that may arise with regards to it. This is related directly to on-premises infrastructure, and the expertise does not carry on to Cloud Computing unless the helpdesk managers and officials are trained specifically in cloud concepts.

For an enterprise that has just moved to the cloud, this problem will arise during the early stages, and can be solved by providing appropriate IT help desk training.

Recurring Technical Issues

One of the most heard complaints with regards to an IT helpdesk is that of a recurring technical issue that cannot be troubleshooted by anyone in the enterprise permanently. This is also known as a zombie issue and can be quite a pain in the infrastructure! Zombie issues are mostly related to integral bugs in the very basic framework and cannot be solved by taking a surface approach.

Moreover, if the Zombie issue arises in the newly adopted cloud infrastructure, then dealing with it will become even more difficult due to the previous common challenge as mentioned in this article. This issue can also be solved by IT Ops and management training, when delivered at the right time and kept consistent with steady reinforcements with time.

Server Inconsistencies

Sometime when using a particular server system, there can arise and number of database inconsistencies that can potentially hold a process that is to be adopted and performed soon. It can also cause wider identity related issues that will lead to inconsistencies in the entire enterprise database. The company will have difficulty tracking its assets due to the database inconsistency, and could even be facing a financial setback if the said inconsistency is not examined and alleviated soon.

Adoption of a server system such as Microsoft SQL server, with SQL Server 2016 certification provided as a reinforcement, can potentially alleviate any server-related problems, and also result in the enterprise moving to a much more efficient server system that has no loopholes for issues to arise in.

Networking Issues

On the very basic enterprise level, in daily functioning, the most common sort of problems seen by the majority of enterprises is related to networking and one or more of the networks involved in the enterprise framework. Errors occurring in the network can cause connectivity issues and even corrupt the data. An enterprise will find its employees complaining about network issues in the case of the aforementioned cloud adoption.

Now, while the majority of IT helpdesks are well equipped to deal with such minor problems, seeing as IT managers are hired with one of the hiring criteria being understanding and troubleshooting abilities related to connectivity issues. Sometimes technical inexpertise and inadequacy can fall through the cracks, especially with the lack of dedicated ITSM training, such as a certification in Windows Server 2016 networking.

To take care of this issue and more like it, it is very important for companies to take the challenge of setting up a reliable and technologically superior IT helpdesk, very seriously to avoid problems with their business goals as well as internal infrastructure.