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SharePoint power user training - how to take employee to another level

SharePoint power user training - how to take employee to another level

SharePoint is one of the most useful platforms for managing the organization’s network, websites, data and workflows. Choosing the right set of power users and providing them high-quality training in SharePoint tools is critical to ensuring that the best practices cascade to the level of teams and individual users.

 This article discusses some of the aspects of SharePoint online power user training that can be used to assess an online course provider. Ensuring that the course selected for power user training contains most, if not all, of these elements can increase the pace of learning SharePoint in any organization.

Business Intelligence and Team Building

In the first module of SharePoint power user training, the learner is provided with an overview of the main features that help users to create, organize and share data for business intelligence. The aim of this module is to help power users get the best decision making quality from the use of SharePoint tools and features.

 The different user profiles are discussed and the function of the administrator is highlighted. Additionally, the role of site owners has also explained so that the power user has fair knowledge of the different stakeholders in the process.

Site Creation

In this module, the power user is introduced to the process of creating sites. Different aspects of site creation are explained including planning for sites and determining a site hierarchy. This is necessary to help the power user understand the relationships between new and existing sites.

Since the power user also acts as the site owner, they are explained the use of different templates for designing a site according to the desired function and use. The purpose of this module is to enable the power user to develop a practical site that carried the relevant branding. Adequate SharePoint 2016 administration training is required for administering SharePoint 2016 and to grasp the basics of site creation in SharePoint.

Web Page Creation

The creation of web pages is critical to the management of an efficient website. This module focuses on the role of the home page as the primary landing page of the website, including the creation of a variety of rich media, including text, images and hyperlinks. The power user is also introduced to the best practices for web page creation and linking.

Different templates are used to design and manage web pages for different purposes so that the required information is presented in a meaningful way. This module also offers an introduction to the use of SharePoint as the company intranet.

Information Management

In this module, the focus shifts from the individual to the team, particularly the role of the team in establishing processes for managing information is discussed. The power user is trained in the use of different file templates and creating new ones.

In order to promote business efficiency, the power user learns the different ways of automating traditional businesses processes for managing the website and network, such as replacing or deleting web pages. Policymaking, record management and content analysis are critical aspects of this module for the power user.

App Configuration

Apps play a leading role in delivering an organization’s services to the end-user efficiently and in a value-oriented way. With SharePoint, this process is facilitated since the power user can select different apps according to the need and content. Moreover, the apps can be customized for specific situations and needs.

They can also be organized in different ways in different libraries. With SharePoint 2016 administration training, even users without coding skills can learn the basics of app configuration easily. The power user learns the use of libraries, lists and the marketplace to manage the different apps efficiently. The power user will be able to configure the different apps, store and retrieve them in the most relevant area of the premises. 

Designing Workflows

Workflows play an essential role in improving the efficiency of business processes. The right workflow design makes it easy for different members of the team to understand their role, and perform their tasks efficiently. Moreover, workflows make it easier for managers to monitor different business processes and review performance. In this module, the power user is introduced to the techniques of creating workflow scenarios, determining settings, adding and removing workflows and using different tools to manage workflows in a streamlined way.

Security Management

As part of the SharePoint environment which offers a collaborative platform for teams to work on, managing security of the data is vital. In this module, the power user learns about the standards for ensuring security of the network and website.

The power user learns how to ensure security at different levels, such as by creating access restrictions according to the security policy of the company and the information needs of different users. For example, some users may be allowed to add and delete files, whereas others may only be able to add or read files.

Social Engagement

No organization can do without engaging with its users on various social media platforms. The SharePoint online power user training equips power users with the tools that they need to share relevant business information securely and safely through social tools.

This module trains the user in identifying the features of different social tools and their utility in different contexts. Power users get hands-on experience of designing a social profile, create and manage blog sites and community platforms and post regularly to engage with their audiences.

Searching Information

SharePoint allows users to search for different kinds of information and customise the search results in unique ways. The purpose of this customizability is to make sure that high-quality information is used for making business decisions.

The power user learns in this module the ways of entering sophisticated search queries to get the exact results for the business problem. Specifying the relevant search criteria to search for data or member profiles are part of the training. In addition, the module also offers an explanation of how search algorithms work and how results are generated, ranked and presented to the user.

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